Mae Belteyn

Mae Belteyn


Mae Belteyn bestselling author and founder of Wild Temples & Lady Leaders, empowers soul-centered women using Sacred Rituals as tool to guide them to embrace their Feminine Leadership for 20+ years now. Mae loves to share her magic by working with the Archetypes inside of YOU: The Lover, Mother, Queen, Wise, and… The Priestess!


When you’ve heard the PriestessCall too, she will guide you on your transformational journey, hold you safe in sacred space, teach you her deepest rituals, and empower you to find and create your own magic. It’s Mae’s mission to return the power of ritual back to the people by offering events, retreats and courses to experience its benefits, or become a certified Sacred Ritualist, Ritual Coach or Priestess in one of the Wild Temples.


She touches your heart with magical Little Rituals & blesses your soul with her transformational work. Check out Mae’s free gift in the link below.



Cailleachs Call: Destination Sacred Darkness

Come and dance with the stone woman, the bone woman, an ancient crone woman. Meet the Old Wise Hag and wisdomkeeper, the one eyed Cailleach. Close your eyes to see beyond the veil, enter her sacred well and drop deep into the depths of the void to explore the underworld through dance. Let your body move to her rhythm and descent deeper into her Sacred Darkness where healing and an ocean of ancient memories awaits…

This ceremonial workshop is an interactive experience where the Celtic Crone Goddess Cailleach gifts you a symbol to work with. We will be crafting our own Ritual Blindfold while singing her songs and hearing her stories weaving in the Crone magic. After setting your intention you’ll wear your blindfold for the first time entering a Sacred Darkness. The constraint of this personal ritual tool invites you to surrender to your inner sight and to explore other senses to find core connection, expression, answers, and insight. The Crone Cailleach will guide you through the underworld in a Dance of Darkness, a beautiful journey of somatic self-discovery. Empower yourself with her enchanting music, breath- and bodywork. Her wrinkled hands will touch your heart. Her soft voice will scare and soothe you. Her gaze will open your inner eye. May the old woman guide you.

Here’s what you need to bring to the workshop: clothing in which you can freely move, a yoga mat or bath towel to lie on, a blanket (if desired, to keep warm during meditation)