Lynne Sedgmore

Lynne Sedgmore


Dr Lynne Sedgmore CBE is a Priestess of Avalon, a trained Priestess healer and spiritual healer with NFSH. She is a poetess, XR rebel, coach and leadership consultant living in Glastonbury. Her new book Presence Activism was published in 2024. She is the founder and author of the Goddess Luminary Leadership Wheel book and trainings.

Lynne also has three poetry collections, Enlivenment, Healing through the Goddess and Crone Times. Her poems, songs and articles have been published internationally in a range of anthologies. She is regularly interviewed on podcasts about her work.

Lynne is a mother, step mother and grandmother of two fabulous teenagers who cares deeply about climate peril and climate anxiety, especially in young people. In 2016 she was named one of the UK’s 100 Women of Spirit. Lynne has fostered presence and spirituality in educational and mainstream organisations as a Chief Executive and senior leader for over 30 years and completed a Doctorate in Spiritual Leadership in 2013.


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The Power of Goddess Presence and Activism : Healing Climate Anxiety


I believe my new book Presence Activism : An Antidote to Climate Anxiety can offer an important theme and discussion in the 2024 Goddess Conference. Its relevance to maiden is my focus on Generation Z and how climate peril is affecting everyone, but especially our maidens and young men.


The importance of both healing ourselves and healing our planet is vital. Many people are suffering from climate anxiety which needs to be healed so that they can feel empowered and take appropriate action. Climate change is becoming more and more of a focus as the world is affected on a daily basis by new and detrimental impacts upon our beloved Mother Earth.

The Power of Goddess Presence and Activism: Healing Climate Anxiety


This workshop will support conference participants to face important issues and offer practical ways of dissolving and coping with climate peril and climate anxiety, steeped in Goddess Presence and activism.


Everyone is affected by the impact of climate peril. We see many aspects of climate change all around us, everyday. Many of us are deeply affected by climate anxiety, especially our young people. Join me to explore how we can draw on Goddess presence to calm and heal our anxiety and move into right action and powerful activism. 


Together, we will reclaim our calmness and our strength drawing on my exciting new book Presence Activism : A Profound Antidote to Climate Anxiety, and two innovative processes for alleviating anxiety, the Presence Flower and the Anxiety Flower. We will gain the strength and clarity to be effective Presence Activists in the world. You will leave blessed and feel better equipped to cope with climate anxiety and climate peril, especially in relation to young people