Luciana Percovich

Luciana Percovich


Luciana Percovich, Ph.d in Modern Literatures and Languages at Università degli Studi di Milano. A member of the Italian Women’s Movement since the Seventies, she lived and worked in Milano as a teacher, an editor, a translator and an author. She is a member of the Libera Università delle Donne di Milano (link 1 below). As director of a series of books on women’s history and spirituality (link 2 below) she has introduced, and made their books available to Italian readers, the works of many women authors and activists. An essayist on women’s health, science, anthropology and mythology, with Laima Association, the International Indigenous Cultures of Peace conferences were organized in Torino (2012, 2013, 2015) and in Rome (in honor of Marija Gimbutas, 20 years after her death, 2014). With a team of women, they have created the websites that are linked 3/4 below.


Main books:

  • La coscienza nel corpo. Donne, salute e medicina negli anni Settanta, Franco Angeli, Milano, 2005;
  • Oscure Madri Splendenti. Le origini dl sacro e delle religioni, Venexia, Roma, 2007;
  • Colei che dà la vita, Colei che dà la forma. Miti di creazione femminili, Venexia, Roma, 2009;
  • She who gives Life, She who gives Form, E-Book, link 5 below
  • Verso il Luogo delle Origini. Un percorso di ricerca del sé femminile. Castelvecchi, 2016.


Website 1:
Website 2 saggi
Website 3/4
Website 3/4
Website 5:

NOTE: Luciana Percovich’s in-person Goddess Conference contribution is pre-recorded.


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