Lorraine Pickles

Lorraine Pickles


Lorraine Pickles has a long association with the Glastonbury Goddess Conference and Temple, and this is her third Crone Conference. She is a Priestess of Avalon and a One Spirit Interfaith Minister. Lorraine worked for several years with older people as a social worker, counsellor, funeral celebrant and chaplain in a care home. A writer and performance poet, she has been working on a crime series ‘The Old Crone Mysteries’ and also a novel “The Prayer Shawl’ which explores both ageing and dementia.


Dementia could be considered to be the Shadow side of the Crone experience, becoming increasing common as we live longer, although dementia is not a natural part of the aging process. 

What does Goddess Spirituality have to offer us as we deal with this? Lorraine will explore this difficult and challenging subject. 

How do people with dementia express their spirituality, and what does Goddess spirituality in particular have to offer both those affected by dementia and their families.  To illustrate Lorraine’s talk
she will be reading extracts from her book ‘The Old Crone Mysteries’ and also ‘The Prayer Shawl’.