I am Lily, Queen, teetering on the edge of Crone. I usually run ‘Life’ cafes, ie, I have been a rural-based homebirth midwife, mother, wife, homesteader and (22 years now) a Nana. Death being part of that cycle of bringing forth life in our small community, had made me have to look at and facilitate death and dying in a way that is holistic and serves the whole. Bringing Goddess in, and out, is that breath we all take and then surrender. Looking forward to sharing with you! 



Death Café 

How to hold a death café

Having conversations about death and dying can help to change the way we view death, making it seem less scary and starting to diminish the culture of death avoidance. Being comfortable with talking about death can help us to better support ourselves and each other when we face bereavement – and generally, reflecting on death can help us make more of life. 

A death cafe is a space to chat mortality with strangers over a cup of tea. It’s a simple but profound way to bring death conversation into your community. In this session, run by two experienced death café hosts, you’ll learn about the concept of death cafes and receive some guidance on how to run them. The majority of the session will be a death café, so you have the opportunity to experience one for yourself.