Lila Sophia Tresemer

Lila Sophia Tresemer


Lila Sophia Tresemer is president and co-founder of The StarHouse in Boulder, Colorado. This working temple is a living organism, engaged in sacred relationship between Earth, Stars and human hearts. Lila is a group facilitator and certified mediator, author, photographer, ceremonialist, and the co-founder of the Women of Vision program in Israel/Palestine. Lila co-creates programs for sacred living and remembrance online and onsite at the StarHouse. Her current passion is weaving a living network for the Lineage of Sophia (literally, “Wisdom”)—for men and women around the world who are seeking to reconnect with Sacred Earth Activism and spiritual practices that matter in these astonishing times!

Lila’s work includes: “Don’t Go Back to Sleep” (a spiritual novel); “Sophia Gnostic Creation Story.”  (This animated Creation Myth available at no charge:; The Goddess of America: Sacred Activism for our Nation; 21 Lessons in the Sophia Lineage. With her life-partner, David, she authored The Conscious Wedding Handbook (published by SoundsTrue); and together they teach many courses online and in person (The 12 Senses; Sacred Sites as Consciousness Tools; Illuminated Relationships).



All Land, ultimately, is Sacred. It is the holy body of the Divine Feminine. Some sites are labeled “Sacred” from their historic use through past millennia; some from focused and dedicated attention over a shorter period of time; and some from intense focus over brief periods of time. Attention and focus are a key! At The StarHouse in Boulder, Colorado, we have co-created Sacred Sites that resonate with a template of the seven chakras. Two of these sites, Mary’s Well and the Power Tower, resonate very specifically with Chalice Well and the Tor in Glastonbury. A group of 30-40 people keep the resonance connected and alive through daily meditations and weaving our intention.

Lila will share visuals and videos of these sites, and actively create a bridge of interconnection from Boulder, Colorado to Glastonbury. In the template we work with, the Well is the second chakra, and the Power Tower is the third eye chakra. This presentation will share how templates can be created anywhere, and be brought into resonance with the Greater Whole of the planetary body.



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