Laura Hegle

Laura Hegle


Laura Hegle finds joy in being a fiber artist, drum maker, and certified Pilates instructor committed to teaching others how to access the strength that lies within. She is the owner of Wild Soul Fiber Arts and, under the pen name Laura Louella, is a contributing author and co-editor of Brigid’s Light, an anthology dedicated to the goddess and saint. She is a menopause advocate and co-foundress of The Maven Collective, which is focused on creating sacred experiences for midlife women, and she walks the goddess path as a Sacred Bee Priestess and Womb Priestess of Avalon,

 and Star Priestess of the Silver Spiral. 



Laura finds inspiration through travel, nature, spending time with dear friends and family, and her relationship with the divine feminine. Many days you can find her tending her herb garden, taking long walks through the forest, meditating by the river, needle felting, or creating a quilt on her 1936 Featherweight Singer sewing machine. Laura makes her home in a cozy century-old bungalow in the Cascade Mountains. 







Social Media: @HeyLallyLaura


The Crone and the Sage: A Ceremonial Crowning and Blessing with Cairelle Perilloux and Laura Hegle


Around the ages of 55-60, and sometimes a little sooner, we each move into the role of Elder as Crone or Sage. Gifted with the insight of lived experiences, the Elder is tasked by Goddess with setting an example for those who follow. As an embodiment of otherworldly Crone energy, the Elder shines with wisdom, compassion, humor, and vitality.


Are you a Crone or a Sage who would like to commemorate this distinguished rite of passage?  We want to celebrate with you! Please join us for a beautiful ceremonial crowning and blessing in which the Crone woman will be crowned and the Sage man will be blessed.


(This ceremonial crowning and blessing is open to everyone. Feel free to bring family and friends to witness this milestone! If you would like a physical crown placed upon your head during the ceremony, please create one (or buy one) for the ceremony and bring it with you.)