Katinka Soetens

Katinka Soetens


Katinka Soetens is a Ceremonialist of the Goddess, a Sacred Sexual Priestess of Rhiannon and Priestess of Avalon, who actively lives her devotion to both Goddess and God as a pagan priestess. She works internationally as course facilitator, healer, tantric initiatrix, teacher of the sacred mysteries and workshop facilitator on empowerment through the Divine Feminine.

Dedicated to the Sovereign Goddess of Love and to sacred sexuality in general, she teaches the Priestess of Rhiannon training years and holds regular Path of Love teachings circles for women, men and mixed groups in the UK, online and abroad.

Passionate about honouring the spiral of life grounded in the indigenous spirituality of the European lands and the Celtic traditions of Avalon, she is co-organizer of the Goddess Conference, a founding partner of the Pagan Temple of Avalon in Glastonbury, and director of the Path of Love Mystery School and its teachings.

Particularly interested in the sacredness of love and the healing power of initiation, she has created a unique way of working with God/dess archetypes, to face shadow distortions and to integrate healthy embodied stages of the inner wheel of our lives. This facilitates an opening of the heart to come home to the body as ‘love-in action’, a merging of inner  masculine and -feminine, and changes all relationships with self and others.

Katinka works with trauma aware tantric therapy, dance, breath, sacred intimacy, body wisdom, shadow hunting, meditation, healing touch and facilitates healing of the wounding between the masculine and feminine through embodying Goddess in workshops, sessions and ceremonies.


Website: www.pathoflovemysteryschool.com


Healing Relationships

-How to recognise the hand of the Goddess in our relationship dynamics- 



Healing Relationships are a special kind of magic. A gift of grace from the Goddess of Healing Herself.



To be able to enter a healing relationship can be a hero’s journey, involving both courage to know ourselves deeply, to rescue our easeful innocence and to do what it takes to restore our boundaried trust, from beneath the debris of disappointment, hurt, betrayal, lack and failure.



No matter what our ‘wounding relationships’ may have been like, we also all have the potential and grace of experiencing ‘healing relationships’ in our lives. The Maiden Goddess helps us to explore healing the first relationship we have: the relationship with our self. From here, we can begin to enquire how we can be guided by the ‘white hands of the Goddess’ to heal our outer relationship dynamics.



How do we recognise these gifts of the Goddess of Healing, that may give us a new blueprint for meeting others, both in intimate- and every day- relating, from a wounding-free place? And what can we learn from Her mythology around how to be in healing relationship with each other and the world.



We will look at how our personal relationship to the Goddess of Healing can be an antidote to past experiences and a medicine of Love for the building of new, healthy ways in which we show up as humans in relationships.

Sacred Pleasure, the power of Embodied Healing

Our sacred sexuality is one of the great healing powers in the world, and an amazing gateway into experiencing our intimate, personal connection to the Divine.

It is incredibly healing to remember that Sacred Presence is our Essence! Our nature is one of interconnectivity with all things through the elements that unite us, where sexuality is a great gift that can only ever be freely given and consensually received.

In our lives though, sexuality is so often a source place of our wounding. By experiencing taker-conditioning and living in cultures of disempowerment, lack, addiction and other-as-lesser-making, our own expression of our sexual energy has often become distorted through this societal conditioning or covered under layers of shame through painful experiences.

At the root of this pattern are patriarchal religions that have worked hard at breaking our awareness and connection to our inner source as sacred sexual fire, by twisting the sacred into the sinful, this sacred source remains unmet, unexplored or denied.

It is not surprising that we have forgotten our sexuality is a joyous gift of the Goddess, through which to experience meeting, merging and being in- states of non-separation, and which has immense power for good. Power to heal the woundings of Love, of loss and loneliness, Power to restore the heart, the mind, the body and the sacred, Power to reclaim sacred sexuality as a healing force for Love and Peace.

This workshop will allow a taste of the Embodied Healing as part of the mysteries of sacred sexuality, taught in the Priestess of Rhiannon training through connection to your own Sacred Essence, as the Presence of Goddess and the healing power of the elements.

Rhiannon is Celtic Goddess of Love, Endurance, Wisdom, Sacred Sexuality and ecstatic connection to the Otherworld of Transformation. She is mistress of the Labyrinth and Hearts’ flame of Desire. She is the guiding light of our joy and truth.

She come to remind us of the gift of our aliveness, as Her joyous presence, singing in the essence of our life-force, in our sacred sexual fire. Her gift is available to flow as pleasure at any time of our lives, and allows us to create beautiful healing connections, with Her, with ourselves and with others.

In this workshop, explore ‘Embodied Healing’: tantric awareness practices and movement meditation of the sacred sexual priestesses of the ancient Temples of the Goddess of Love, as well as some breath-work to support your awakening to the elemental gifts and sacred Presence of your Essence, so that we may BE Her healing in the world.