Katinka Soetens

Katinka Soetens


Katinka Soetens, is a Ceremonialist of the Goddess, a Sacred Sexual Priestess of Rhiannon and Priestess of Avalon. She works internationally as Priestess, course facilitator, healer, tantric initiatrix, teacher of the sacred mysteries and workshop facilitator on empowerment through the Divine Feminine.


Dedicated to the Goddess of Love and sacred sexuality since Rhiannon’s call awakened her, she teaches the Priestess of Rhiannon training years and holds regular Path of Love teachings circles for women, men and mixed groups in the UK and abroad, including a year long men’s soul quest ‘Brotherhood -Path of the Lover’ journey.


Passionate about honouring the spiral of life grounded in the indigenous spirituality of the European lands and the traditions of Avalon, she is co-organizer of the Goddess Conference and director of the Path of Love Mystery School and it’s teachings, which facilitates healing of the wounding between the masculine and feminine through embodying Goddess in workshops. She is also co-founder and holder of the Temple of Avalon, the Pagan temple in Glastonbury, UK, dedicated to all deities, spirits and elementals of Avalon.


Particularly interested in the sacredness of love and the healing power of opening the heart to come home to the body, Katinka works with tantric therapy, dance, breath, sacred intimacy, body wisdom, shadow hunting, meditation, healing touch and embodiment of Goddess.

Website: https://pathoflovemysteryschool.com/


She who has passed on the torch: archetypes of Avalon.

The Crone Goddess as She who is the stillness at the edge of things, She who enjoys, encourages and delights in the light shining from those who’s flames She has ignited, without any need to hold on or steer the course of their journey.

She is Great Mistress of letting go and embodies this quality with the sweetest grace. As Grandmother and wisdom keeper She brings us the opportunity to dance with our fear, to own our projections, to initiate and dare to meet death-in-life.

We find Her presence in the healthy lived Wisdom of Elderhood.
Gentleness and Generosity are the mark of the True Elder blessed by the wisdom of the Crone. This archetype within us all, and taught through the presence of the Crone Goddess, is the embodied inner smile of wisdom we all want to learn from and lean into, and which invites these qualities in others.

The shadow forms of this Archetype are the Controller and the Critical Judge /Rigid One. Because the shadow forms of this archetype are so common in our society, we are conditioned to expect and accept the distortion, which is often presented as a valued mark of achievement. In truth, they only bring pain and lead to loneliness, entitlement, demanding behaviour, fear-based hoarding and sometimes even vindictive, selfishness.

This talk will explore the healthy and distorted forms of this Archetype as shown in Crone Goddess mythology, fairy tales and Otherworld wisdom-mirrors She offers us.

Rhiannon as Dark Horse of the Otherworld

Come meet Rhiannon as Dark Horse Goddess of the Otherworld.

In Her mythology, Rhiannon travels between the veils of reality, to BE the freedom that chooses love. She is the spirit journeys that brings the wisdom seeds for the planting of the next cycle of our life, our evolution, or initiation into the healthy forms of the Wise One.

In this journey, She is symbolised as the Dark Horse of the Otherworld, carrying the souls of the beloved dead through the mists, through the Underworld, into rebirth.

Likewise, She helps us to retrieve soul parts that we’ve lost and disowned. She carries us through our most frightening challenges of transformation and whispers the magical words of love and wisdom to guide us through the Labyrinth of initiation.

Wise Woman Crone Rhiannon is the Setter of Tasks and the Giver of Gifts. She is the Challenger and Bringer of change, which we sometimes try to ignore or resist, but Her wisdom always finds the way to facilitate our greatest growth.

She brings the gift of mirth, of not taking life too seriously, of trusting and knowing that everything changes, and everything has its season. Though often fierce and fearful to our resistance, in Her oldest archetypal form, She offers the reminder of the returning of the light in the darkest of times. This is Her wisdom light of Love that She holds for us to find.

Holder of the Dark Mirror and Initiatrix, She doesn’t impose Her medicine, but awaits, patiently, always there for those who seek, or see Her, in the mysterious wild places.

There She will offer us the portal of insight, the gifts of the Otherworld, the deepest treasures, both sexually, in our juicy aliveness, our joy, our bliss and creation, and in the wisdom of our life, to fully embrace and embody our sacred life force and live fearlessly as walkers of the Path of Love.

Are you ready to come meet Her?

A workshop with Priestess Katinka Soetens of the Path of Love Mystery School, working with tantric practises of the Goddess of Love, with movement-meditation and the wisdom mirror of mythology, to retrieve soul parts and find the wisdom seeds in the Otherworld realm of Rhiannon.

Online Programme

The Elder Archetype


The Wise Woman, the Sage, the healthy Crone, and the shadow of this archetype, the controller, the inconsistent one, and the critical judge.