Katie Hoffner is a community leader and social change maker, directing her efforts to protecting the environment and improving the lives of women.
    Katie is also the niece of Lydia Ruyle and guardian of Lydia’s 300+ goddess icon banners. Katie considers it an honor to have the banners as her Kuleana, a word coming from the Hawaiian traditions that means a responsibility of the living to care for and protect the stories of the ohana (family). Katie is actively engaged in passing on her Aunt Lydia’s knowledge, her artwork and HERstories to the next generations.

    Lydia Ruyle was an artist, scholar and author on the Divine Feminine. Her most well known body of work is her goddess icon banners, or as she affectionately called them, the “girls”. She started birthing and creating them when she was 60 years old – and worked on them for the next two decades right up until her death in 2016.
    But beyond just creating them, she also was fueled and guided by their stories and their wisdom. She not only taught and shared the new HERstory around the world with others but was also devoted to harvesting the wisdom of the ancient goddess spirits and applying it to her daily life right up until the very end.
    The banners have flown all over the globe and spread their divine energies from Machu Picchu to Glastonbury to Europe to Russia to Nepal to The Parliament of The World’s Religions and most notably to her grandchildren’s “show & tell” day at school.