Katie M Hoffner

Katie M Hoffner


Katie M Hoffner is a community leader and social change maker, directing her efforts to protecting the environment and improving the lives of women. Katie is also the journey-mate and niece of Lydia Ruyle, world-renowned artist/scholar/author on the Divine Feminine.

Katie is the guardian of Lydia’s original art collection of 300+ goddess icon banners. For Katie, the banners represent her Kuleana, a Hawaiian word that connotes a responsibility of the living to protect the stories of the Ohana (family). She is actively engaged in sharing her Aunt Lydia’s knowledge, artwork, and HERstories of the Goddesses.



In 2022, Katie will be bringing the girls back to the sacred lands of Avalon where they have flown for over two decades! She will be curating an offering from her Aunt Lydia’s collection and telling HERstories of Goddesses of Sovereignty throughout time in their ancient forms as a way to re-member those attributes in our own bodies and embrace them as we walk this earth path.