Katie Hoffner

Katie Hoffner


Katie Hoffner, is the niece and journey-mate of Lydia Ruyle, world-renowned artist/scholar/author on the Divine Feminine. Lydia’s research into sacred images of women took her around the globe and led to the creation of her Goddess Icon Spirit Banners. The banners first made their debut at Ephesus (Turkey) and grew to more than 300 banners before Lydia “changed addresses” in 2016. They have flown all over the world spreading their sacred feminine energies, including here in Glastonbury where they have flown consecutively for over two decades. Katie is actively engaged in sharing her Aunt Lydia’s legacy and HERstories of the goddess.


Global HER-STORIES of the CRONE from Lydia Ruyle’s Goddess Icon Banners

Katie Hoffner, the niece of Lydia Ruyle, has curated a few special HER-stories from her aunt’s art collection to share about the Crone, the Hag and the Wise Woman from cultures around the world.

Building An Earth Altar To The Crone

Katie Hoffner will be leading this workshop using her Aunt Lydia Ruyle’s images of the Divine Feminine – and in particular those of the ancient crone images found throughout Herstory – to inspire this creative playshop!

Aug 4th, 2023 would have been Lydia’s 88th birthday so the group will be building an earth altar honoring her (YaYa) – and all the feminine ancestors and maternal lines – that have walked Mother Earth before us. 

Using the sacred principles of foraging, everyone will walk the land of Avalon to find natural elements and then combine these objects with other fun items provided by Katie to build a piece of art through intention, community and the deep witnessing of each other’s contribution and story.

As Lydia like to say “the creative process, like life, celebrates art as a journey of discovery, growth and understanding”… This will be a magical few hours together to get out on the sacred land of Avalon and co-create art together to honor all the wisdom the crone spirits have to offer us!