Kate Dineen

Kate Dineen


Kate Dineen, has been in practice as a healer for 30 years, trained in various traditions, focussing on earth-based spirituality and harmonising Andean cosmovision and mysticism with where she lives now, just up the road from Glastonbury, in Stroud. Kate is a co-founder of Stroud Goddess Temple where she shares her research into our local Cotswolds Goddess: Cuda and the Cuculatti. 


Apart from seeing clients one-to-one, she holds fire ceremonies, river blessings, teach courses, offer despacho ceremonies to bring individuals and communities into harmony, as well as bringing ceremony to activism.


“It is a great honour to be at Glastonbury Goddess Conference again this year.”


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Healing with the ‘Princesses’ of Nature


During this workshop I will introduce you to the divine feminine healing forces which emanate from water, earth, sun, wind moon stars, cosmos. Respectfully gifted to me by Dona Maria, an Alto Mesayoq in the Andean tradition. Calling upon these energies during healing and ceremony is deeply nourishing and brings profound gifts of wisdom and oneness. These ‘Princesses’ – or N’ustas – guide us to our indigenous nature wherever we are in the world. Explanation, guided meditation, transmission.