Karin Persons is a passionate Aries MoonWoman, Priestess of the Goddess and, on her personal path, deeply connected to Hekate. As a mother of two, a farmacochemist and former cancer researcher, ritualist, social media geek, Wombkeeper and communications specialist, she lives by the Moon and loves the Sun. Her company Maantijd (Moontime) offers both online and offline trainings and workshops; ranging from a three-spiral Priestess training, to a business program on implementing rhythm&cycles in company teams, to first blood rites of passage and ritual Moon retreats at sacred powerplaces all over Europe.

Karin is author of ‘’Maanmeiden (Moonmaiden), welcome in the forest of nailpolish, mascara and period pads’’ and of ‘’Keeper of the Red Tent, how to facilitate safe and sacred womens circles’’. She is initiatrix of the flowering Dutch Red Tent community and currently involved in Kathy Jones’ Soul Healing Intensive. Karin has been a ceremonial priestess at the Dutch Lorelei Womens Festival; with Leonie Stout she hosts a monthy Red Tent that will see its fifth anniversary in 2018. Both Leonie and Corrine are co-teachers and co-creators of the Maantijd trainings and workshops.


Websites: www.maantijd.nlwww.karinpersons.nl /www.karinpersons.com