Karan Troubadoura – The Goddess Web

Karan Troubadoura – The Goddess Web


Karan Troubadoura – A musician and music therapist, Karan expanded her activities into interspiritual chaplaincy after having been ordained as an interfaith minister with OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation. She is also a qualified hospital chaplain and grief counsellor. It is her aim to amplify Brigid’s healing presence in the world by offering sound and music, sacred listening and counselling, both in-person and online.



Website: http://www.brigidsbard.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brigidsbard

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What is interfaith hospital chaplaincy and why do we need it?

Hospital chaplaincy is mostly provided by representatives of large religions. But those who follow other faith paths or are without any religious affiliation have spiritual needs as well, in particular when they are in vulnerable situations such as hospital stays. Interfaith hospital chaplaincy is an exciting field for the Goddess community to become involved in, both as professionals and volunteers. In this presentation, I will be sharing both my own experiences and my thoughts about how interfaith/interspiritual chaplaincy may become a beacon of inclusion, respect and healing in the increasingly pressurised health systems all over the world.