JULIE FELIX  What a tale she has to tell, this legend of the folk music world, singer, songwriter, guitarist, peace activist, spiritualist, protector of the earth, and truly extraordinary ground-breaker.

    She cut her first record in 1964 and at the height of her fame in the Sixties and Seventies was dubbed by the Times as the First Lady of Folk…The first folk singer to have her own TV show, the first to fill the Royal Albert Hall, the first to sing in Westminster Abbey and the first to be signed to a major record label.

    Fifty years after being catapulted to stardom by the Frost Report she has lost none of the stage magic that has won her friends around the world. Along the way she has picked and sung with Leonard Cohen, played the ’69 (Bob Dylan) Isle of Wight festival, performed and recorded with guitar master John Renbourn and led a life-risking peace march through war-torn Central America.

    Her songs for peace and justice ring out as strongly as ever and her version of the great Peruvian anthem El Condor Pasa remains one of the greatest.