Julia Vitalis

Julia Vitalis


Since 2004, Julia Vitalis has worked as an artist, first in the fields of Drawings, Paintings, Sculpture, Photography and Literature. From 2007-2011, she focused on performance works, which were shown internationally in Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Macedonia. She has connected her work as a healer in the shamanic tradition with her art practice through music improvisation since 2012. Since her 13 th year of life she has immersed herself in the research of woman-related issues, including studying Gender Studies in Nijmegen/ Netherlands and New German Literature and Jewish Studies in Potsdam and Berlin. Julia now offers events, workshops and rituals for women and is richly engaged in an extended network, where she delights in catalysing new connects and relationships.



With unique intensity and complex symbolism, the video expresses the essence of female power around the issues of birth, death, connection to the earth, unity with all living creatures, and the connection between the monthly cycle of menstruation, the tides, and the moon. The deeper layers of consciousness explored in this film are a positive reappraisal of womanhood on all levels, skillfully juxtaposed to ongoing, millennia-long oppression. It works to support a latent ability to break out of cyclical victimization and transforms it into resilient self-empowerment.

The shooting took place outdoors in central Germany between the cities of Kassel und Göttingen. Nature, the moon and 13 goddess symbols inspired by the research of Marija Gimbutas are the main characters.



Website: http://www.geistigehelfer.de/femfort.html
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Female-Fortitude-106694524888561
YouTube (EN): https://vimeo.com/609819730
YouTube (DE): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKkjSdCPQc4