Joyce A. Sanders

Joyce A. Sanders


Joyce A. Sanders is a parttime Priestess of Avalon with a shamanic focus and a Humanitarian Aid worker. So far, she visited 39 countries around the globe and worked in 33 of them. She gains a master’s degree in adult education and serves as a spiritual counsellor since 2000. Besides creating group and individual ceremonies, honouring the Wheel of Diana, she offers personal rites of passage, and leads annual pilgrimages around the world. 


Her mission is to help women to connect with nature and navigate their journey into the inner and outer worlds for transformation and healing. Joyce has not only survived external crises in highly volatile contexts herself but also experienced inner transformation and growth through dealing with personal crises from which she emerged a changed and stronger person. A safe and sacred space in her work is crucial for creating a supportive and nurturing environment for those she journeys with. 


Sooner or later in life we all face transitions from physical to emotional and psychological issues such as loss of job, leaving a relationship, moving, tiredness, illness, dealing with depression, saying goodbye to a loved one who passed away or we simply have to deal with dreams and paths that were cut off and didn’t materialise and ended in disenchanted hopes.

How we deal with these incidents varies from situation to situation and is, of course, also a matter of type. Some people work things out with themselves, some talk to friends, others go to therapy. In our individualised world, we experience it less and less to meet our shadows within a community.

In this workshop, you are invited to embark on a profound journey and connect with Goddess Diana in her healing archetype. Using a guided approach, you will enter a secure and nurturing space where you will have the chance to receive the blessings of Goddess. These blessings will be shared within the community, providing a platform for us to reveal our hidden vulnerabilities, find mutual support, and cultivate feelings of affection, empathy, and compassion.

The encounter with the healing aspect of the Goddess Diana aims to help you recognize individual experiences, relate to them, and collectively experience healing within the community. This workshop offers an opportunity for personal transformation and a connection with the divine feminine energy of Diana.