Jhenah Telyndru

Jhenah Telyndru


Jhenah Telyndru is the founder of the Sisterhood of Avalon, an international non-profit women’s spirituality organization established in 1995, and serves as academic dean of the Avalonian Thealogical Seminary. She holds a master’s degree in Celtic Studies from the University of Wales, Trinity St. David, and has a bachelor’s degree in archaeology. Her published works include Avalon Within: A Sacred Journey of Myth, Mystery, and Inner Wisdom (Llewellyn, 2010),  The Mythic Moons of Avalon: Lunar and Herbal Wisdom from the Isle of Healing (Llewellyn, 2019), The Avalonian Oracle: Spiritual Wisdom from the Holy Isle (Schiffer Books, 2016), Pagan Portals – Rhiannon: Divine Queen of the Celtic Britons (Moon Books, 2018), and Pagan Portals – Blodeuwedd: Welsh Goddess of Seasonal Sovereignty (Moon Books, 2021).


Jhenah hosts residential training retreats around North America and the UK, and facilitates pilgrimages to sacred sites in the British Isles through Mythic Seeker Tours. She is a frequent presenter and guest speaker at academic conferences, religious symposia, women’s spirituality gatherings, and Pagan festivals around the world. As a member of clergy, Jhenah performs rites of passage in her community, is in service as a Transpersonal Tarot Counselor and teacher, and is a certified Amicus Mortis (Friend of Death) through the Anglesey Druid Order.  A priestess in the Avalonian Tradition for over 30 years, Jhenah has been walking a Goddess path since 1986.



She Who Turns the Wheel: Goddesses of Seasonal Sovereignty

We have read the stories of Blodeuwedd, Esyllt, and Gwenhwyfar… of Creiddylad, Ragnell, and the Cailleach. Depicted as adulterous wives, contested maidens, faithless queens, loathly ladies, and fearsome hags, they are women who defy convention and evade control – representing the wild nature of the Sacred Feminine feared most by the overculture. More than this, they hold the mythic memory of She Who Turns the Wheel – the Sovereign Lady at the center of the seasonal round whose cyclic nature cannot be tamed. In our time together, we will explore the attributes of the Seasonal Sovereignty Goddess, outline common elements of story that can help us to identify her presence in myth and legend, and reclaim the sacred interplay of Light and Darkness which underscores the narrative of the love triangle – and which illuminates our own pathway into the wholeness of Sovereignty.


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