Jennifer Sundeen

Jennifer Sundeen


A resident of Harvard, Massachusetts, Jennifer Sundeen is a spiritual teacher, healer, author, poet, activist, earth minister, community architect, and the mother of three daughters. She is the founder of several organisations that support the Divine Feminine, women, spirituality, and Mother Earth including Goddess Pilgrimages, The Durga Studio, Durga’s Red Tent, Lalla Unveiled, and The Harvard Farmer’s Market. Jen is dedicated to imparting her Goddess-based philosophy to everyone: To find connections with all people, to cherish the earth, to live healthy lifestyles, to find beauty in the everyday moments, to rediscover the rhythms of the universe, to find the divine being that resides in all of us, and to shine who we truly are.



An Invocation through Movement, Meditation and Myth

Once upon a time, it was believed that Sovereignty was a divine power granted by the Goddess of the land. The queens of old were once considered the embodiment of the Mother Goddess herself, and as such had a responsibility to protect and care for the land and all living things. A king could not rule until he entered into sacred union with the Goddess, and in this way he too became connected to – and responsible for – the well-being of the land. We see this time and again in myth: Guinevere, Rhiannon, the Morrigan, Persephone, Athena, Maeve and countless more. Travelling even further back in time, in pre-agrarian times, some believe there was no differentiation between a woman and the Great Mother herself; both birthed, nourished, sustained and protected all life. The body of the Goddess and the body of a woman were one and the same.

In some ways, it comes as no surprise that Mother Earth is in crisis. We have not only been stripped of our sovereign power and responsibility, but also our connection to the Land and all living things upon Her has been severed. It is imperative, then, that we remember: Each of us is the divine embodiment of Her, and inherent in our aliveness is a responsibility to care for and protect Her. By seeking and discovering our sovereignty and love within ourselves, this divine connection has the potential to ripple outward to embrace the entire planet. We are sacred. All things are sacred.

I would like to welcome you to join me in this 30 minute invocation to reconnect to the Goddess within us, and to our own inner power and sovereignty. Through myth, movement and meditation, we will bring our attention, awareness and love to the body of which we are stewards. Our pre-recorded time together will include:

  • A brief exploration of the Sovereign Goddesses in myth
  • A movement/invocation/meditation to reawaken the Goddess within us, and to remember our Sovereign Power
  • Altar-work for creating sacred connection
  • Rituals and for nourishing, protecting and empowering our Inner and Outer Realms