Jane Meredith

Jane Meredith


Jane Meredith, is an author and ritualist. Jane’s books include Journey to the Dark Goddess, Aspecting the Goddess, and Aphrodite’s Magic. Her latest book is Falling through the Tree of Life: Embodied Kabbalah (Llewellyn, 2022). Jane is passionate about magic and ritual, rivers and trees, intimacy and our relationship with the divine. She has been presenting at the Goddess Conference on and off since the second Conference in 1997, and was an attendee at the very first. Jane lives in Australia and likes to travel.



Vibrating with the Song of Life

What if we are living, already, in the other world – right now? On a breath all of the mysteries offer themselves to us; from the birth of the stars to the structure of the atoms within our own hand. We are indivisible from nature, its laws are our laws. We are one with the Goddess and the songs of the universe – in this precious moment of life we can experience both our separation from the All-That-Is and deep union. Grief and ecstasy are bound together into this living awareness as we vibrate through all the worlds with every breath and heartbeat and desire. This is the song of life – with every breath and heartbeat we are sung by it, and singing it. 

The Body of the Goddess in the Tree of Life

Experience the universal Tree of Life stretching all the way from the Divine and the beginning of time to this very moment… The Tree of Life appears in many mythologies and is a recognisable symbol to pagans, feminists, Goddess worshippers, magic workers and witches. It is incredibly detailed, complex, and often explained only obscurely in occult texts and teachings. Yet the Tree of Life is a deep and ancient wisdom, accessible to all. It is the body and heart of the Goddess. At its essence, it explains the relationship of the human to the divine. At its most complex it describes ways to travel between the realms, explains how to balance and heal our lives, and reveals the workings of the universe. 

The Jewish Kabbalistic map of this Tree shows ten realms that describe all of existence. Kabbalists study for years – for lifetimes – and yet when we lay out the diagram of the Tree of Life onto the floor and place our bodies within it we become part of its living landscape and immediately begin to know its energies intuitively, viscerally and intimately. The Tree is alive and we are part of it! In this introductory workshop we will work with trance, ritual, and discussion to learn how to enter the different realms of the Tree of Life, and each explore a small section of the Tree. Feel the rush of the winds between stars, let yourself be held in its branches, listen to the song of its leaves and wonder at the strange flowers and fruits offered to you.

Fringe Event

The Gates of Wisdom


Each of us has been gifted the wisdom of a lifetime. Maybe you’ve always known yourself as wise, or maybe you never have… Come and claim your wisdom and be honoured in it. What Gates of Wisdom have you journeyed through? Gates of Wisdom are pivot points in all our lives – gates of no return. Once past these gates we can never go back to how we were, or exactly who we were, before. 


Gates of Wisdom include: being born, falling in love, giving birth, starting/finishing menstruation, losing a loved one, experiencing betrayal, or meeting a serious health challenge. These are all rites of passage that challenge and change us – and each one that we pass through grants us a particular wisdom.


In this workshop we will work with the tapestry of our own lives, discovering the wisdoms we already hold and choosing how to honour them. Dropping deep into the realms of challenge and change we will examine the powers granted to us by passing through these gates and consider how these powers might inform and assist us. We will work with trance, ritual, discussion, personal reflection, and ceremony to acknowledge and honour each of us as the wisdom holders. This workshop is fully participatory and embodied, and will be held in a safe and supportive ritual container.

Online Programme

At the Summer and Winter Solstice Jane Meredith hold a live stream presentation for the Crone Goddess, Lady of the Otherworld! You are able to rewatch this beautiful talk and guided trance as she talks about the solstice, about the gates and transformations of life and of the land.