Jan Kusmirek

Jan Kusmirek


Jan Kusmirek has a grounding in the organic movement and world of alternative medicine spanning some forty years. He is an independent perfumer and is a consultant to leading brands in the world of skincare and the new biology of our microflora. He relates his work to his original training in physics and the role fragrance plays in memory, past lives or events.

Currently he is investigating the role of fragrance, memory and genetic DNA. His undoubted interest in science is tempered by his strong belief in vitalism, energy and spiritual content.



The Lady of the Lake, Sovereignty and the Lake of Memory

Presentation and workshop will refer to the traditional views concerning the Arthurian romance or seasonal circle and the medieval French literature concerning, ‘The Matter of Britain’. This centres upon the receipt of sovereignty from the divine feminine and the pursuit of rapture. The feminine perspective of those times is explored with a nod to Marion Zimmer Bradley’s ideas of the Lady of the Lake sisterhood.

An opportunity will be given to use individual fragrances to evoke examples and archetypes from the pantheon of the spiritual energies related to the Celtic mythologies and characters of that period that may lie within our psyche. Subtle energies will be considered in the light of personal experience and the relationship and ancestral knowledge we may have within ourselves. The true meaning of perfume and its effects will be considered.