Isabella Verbruggen

Isabella Verbruggen


Isabella Verbruggen, Framedrum teacher, Priestess and Crone, has been teaching framedrumming since 1999. Inspired by the ancient tradition of this musical instrument, she taught herself the different techniques that comes with it. Over the years Isabella translated the book written by Layne Redmond ‘When the Drummers Were Women’ from English into Dutch, her mother language. She organized many drumcircles, workshops, retreats, temple and desert pilgrimages to Egypt and was co- teacher of Priestess trainings.

Nowadays she facilitates The Feminine Path of the Framedrum. Her meetings have a ritual character and are always connected with the Goddess and the rhythm of the Wheel of the Year. She works with the effect of the rhythmic music on mind and body. She inspires women to use the drum as a worthy, spiritual part of everyday life for pleasure, for creating sacred spaces and rituals, for introspection and healing.

Besides her achievements, Isabella is a loving mother of two daughters and two sons, mother in law and grandmother of ten grandchildren.



Crone Framedrum Workshop

Isabella likes to invite you to this workshop suitable for women who like to experience the beauty and power of framedrumming. Drumming is an ancient tool and connected with the sacred feminine. Women’s drum circle is an old archetype. By playing the same rhythm during a long time, mind and body become one, which brings us in deeper state of consciousness. It remembers us our time in the womb where we were in resonance with the drumming pulse of our mother’s heartbeat and her singing blood.

One Dancing Move.  

The framedrum is a versatile instrument. In your hand she can be your other heart and expresses the deep voice in you. She can be like an oracle and a doorway to another reality. Her rhythms let you make inner journeys. She reminds you to harmonize with the circle of life. She brings healing and creates space for introspection. 

We learn to play the basic drum-strokes and simple rhythms. To really feel the power and the beauty of framedrumming we interweave drumming and walking. Step by step we realize this in the workshop. 

Drumming together gives a lot of fun. You feel imbedded when you are a part of the circle in which the vibrations of the skin become one, the drums start singing and the beat gets stronger. When we sing, drum and dance together we can explore a kind of magic. 

With each other we create a Crone ritual in which we can express our intentions. You are welcome to take part. The Crone energy resides within us all, no matter what age we are. It is a quality that we can feel any time in our life or our journey when power, wisdom, discernment, deep knowing and common sense are required to make a change.

Take your own Framedrum with you, preferable a drum with a real skin because of her vibration and the fact that we play her with bare hands.