Irantzu is a sacred and professional dancer. Her life is devoted to the Goddess and The dance. She has danced since she was five years old and her career has made her open her own dance school in Spain. She has more than 300 pupils and a young dance company. Her desire of enjoying life, of expressing her passion and creativity took her to feel Rhiannon in her body and become one of her Priestess and Mistress of her mysteries. She teaches dance and organises different workshops where the Sacred Sexuality Goddess sends her. Irantzu has created the Priestess/Sorginak of the Basque Goddess Mari’s training. In recent years, Irantzu has had the opportunity to meet different dance styles in many parts of the world: from the dance of the Apsaras in Cambodia, the jazz of New York or the dances of Peru, to the most exciting African rhythms.