Indra Don Francesco

Indra Don Francesco


Indra Don Francesco is an ecological and human rights activist of 31 years living in Glastonbury where she is the Deputy Mayor and Green councillor for Glastonbury. She is a Goddess Luminary, movement Elder and Priestess of Sacred Battle.

Indra has been part of global movements working for the protection and rights of nature with compassion and courage as her battle motto.

She uses ceremony, direct action, camp occupations, blockading and civil disobedience and has heralded victories with the halt of destruction in the  90’s of mass motorway building, Fracking in the UK, Genetically Modified crop growing, the extension of  the HS2  and the Stonehenge tunnel desecration.

Her call to Goddess was loud and now more than ever she translates it as nature’s call to action for all her children.



Sacred Battle Activism

Stories of wild wymon and tub thumping from front line protection camps.

These emerging times are demanding we stand in our power to rise together against the assault on our sovereignty and our Sacred Gia.

Learn how through passion, un learning, ceremony and self rewilding we will halt the machine in its tracks.