Hildegard Kirchweger

Hildegard Kirchweger


Hildegard Kirchweger, is a Priestess of Avalon, a Priestess of Freyja and an Integrative Dance Instructor. She follows the path of the Dancing Priestess and her vision is to reclaim the ancient art of Sacred Dance. Hildegard lives in Vienna, Austria, where she is tending a Goddess Temple together with other goddess-loving people and offers a two year long “Priestess of the Goddess” training. 


Website: www.priesterindergoettin.at


Photo by Florian Hölbling.


Templedance for Brigid the Healer

“Make your way to the Sacred Well where Bridget & her Sisters dwell.

Bring your worries & your concerns to the Healing waters & the fire that burns”

Song by Celia

Enjoy the abundance of sacred dance and a visit to Brigid´s temple of healing in a guided meditation. Join me in circle dances choreographed to honour and invoke the healing of Brigid´s flame at her sacred well. Sacred dance is one of the most ancient forms of Goddess worship. In this modern form of Temple dance, we connect with Goddess by singing and dancing together in a circle. In a guided meditation we will visit Brigid in her temple to receive her healing and wisdom. In a beautiful dance from the Armenian tradition we will honour the swan, one of Brigid´s sacred animals.