Heloise Pilkington

Heloise Pilkington


Heloise Pilkington, has always walked a combined path of music and healing. For years she toured and performed extensively in the Uk and abroad with her acclaimed accapella trio the Madrigirls, whilst also working as a healer, psychic medium and ceremonialist. Whist training as a Priestess of Avalon, her gifts merged into one path where healing and sound came together. From 2009 she pioneered the work of the Sound Priestess in the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, offering sound ceremonies, channelled invocations of the Goddess in song and sound and writing devotional songs. In 2013 she released her album Lady of Avalon followed by Initiatrix in 2017.She launched her year long training The Path of the Wild Soul Singer in 2016 which ran for 3 years before the birth of her daughter Saoirse. She is currently beginning her return to work after a deep initiation into Motherhood.

Website: http://www.heloisepilkington.com


Invoking The Crone Goddess in Song and Sound

Through the ancient ceremonial way of Song, Sound and Chant, we will invoke the Crone of Avalon, Lady of the Other World.

Ceremonially weaving our voices and hearts together as one, we will create a magical energetic bridge through which we can directly experience Her transmission, healing and blessings from the other world.

No previous singing experience necessary, just a willingness to sing and sound Her in, and receive Her with an open heart!

Fringe Event

Evening Concert with Heloise Pilkington!

Mirroring the shaman’s or priestess’s initiatory journey of descent into the underworld, Heloise’s latest album ‘Initiatrix’ is the story of Her personal journey of healing and transformation

“Initiatrix beautifully illustrates the journey of descent, renewal and vitality by weaving classically structured songs with chants, instrumentals, poems and free flow trance inspired eruptions.” – Yoga Magazine