Heloise Pilkington

Heloise Pilkington


Heloise Pilkington has always walked a combined path of music and healing. For years she toured and performed extensively in the Uk and abroad with her acclaimed accapella trio the Madrigirls, whilst also working as a healer, psychic medium and ceremonialist. Whist training as a Priestess of Avalon, her the gifts merged into one path where healing and sound came together. From 2009 she pioneered the work of the Sound Priestess in the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, offering sound ceremonies, channelled invocations of the Goddess in song and sound and writing devotional songs. In 2013 she released her album Lady of Avalon followed by Initiatrix in 2017.She launched her year long training The Path of the Wild Soul Singer in 2016 which ran for 3 years before the birth of her daughter Saoirse. She is currently beginning her return to work after a deep initiation into Motherhood.



Come and Co create a Magical Sound Ceremony Invoking the Great Mother of Avalon

Through song, chant and sacred sound we will connect deeply with ourselves, the land and one another. Weaving our hearts and voices together we will create a magical web of sound invoking the Great Mother of Avalon. We will sing and sound her in, receiving a powerful transmission of her frequency and transformative loving energy.. No previous musical or singing experience needed. All are welcome, come and explore the magical power of voices coming together in ceremony.


In the Arms of the Mother
A Magical Weave of Songs and Invocations honouring The Great Mother of Avalon: A Ceremonial Concert with Priestess Heloise Pilkington, creatrix of the bestselling album Lady of Avalon.
Come and receive  a powerful transmission of the transformational energy of The Lady of Avalon in song and sound with renowned sacred songstress Heloise Pilkington, accompanied by virtuoso instrumentalist Jenny Bliss.
‘Her voice is undeniably beautiful, a deeply meditative journey‘ Songlines magazine
‘Wonderful Songs’ Yoga Magazine



Website: www.heloisepilkington.com