I am an artist and jewellery maker, and I live by an old apple orchard on a large organic farm in Wiltshire, close by Stonehenge and surrounded by ancient plains, stone circles and white chalk hill horses. At the back of the orchard are tall redwood trees, and high in the top of these trees live a family of ravens. I can often hear their low croaks to each other as I work in my little wooden studio in the garden. The orchard is also home to a few deer who creep out of the shadows when they think I can’t see them, as well as owls, crows and a wild colony of bees. My chickens and geese also roam freely here.

Out on the farm, the fields are full of brown hares, the barns all have owl boxes to encourage owls, and the deer roam free. Foxes slink from field to hedge and badgers are protected here, free to live and roam without fear. These creatures are a constant inspiration in my work and living alongside them in this sacred ancient landscape gives freedom to my creative urge to connect deeply to the old ways and hold this in my work for others to see and feel.