Hannah Gwawr is Priestess of Brigantia and Shamanka initiated. She has also spent time with the teachings of the art of mentoring. She lives as an indigenous woman close to Mother Earth, home educating 3 children, two are daughters. She has worked with women and children in a sacred Earthwise space for 17 years. She is a treesister and has founded the Treesisters Avalon Women’s Grove as well as the Treesisters Avalon Girl’s Grove in Glastonbury, which works closely with the Goddess Temple community. She holds regular girls lodges out on the land and Teen lodges at goddess house. She also runs training programmes for women to heal their own Maidenhood to be able to hold the next generations of girls. She is also the designer and creator of Changing Woman Moontime Mandala and Colouring book which teach women and girls the magic of the menstrual cycle.



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