Hannah Gwawr is Shamanka and Priestess of Brigantia initiated…she is a treesister and has founded the Sacred Woman Sacred World movement with her birth twin sister, which is bringing new pathways back to a healthy Earth connected culture through deep mentoring and the recovery of individual aswell as cultural soul loss, She is committed to the restoration of the Sacredness of all life…and works closely with women and girls and most recently with men and boys…
she founded the Treesisters Avalon Girls Grove and runs a Mother /daughter mentorship programme.
She is also the designer and creator of Changing Woman Mandala Resources for women and Girls.

She holds a quarterly Sacred Trees of Avalon pilgrimage and has been involved with tree planting projects to bring restore the ecosystem of the forest for the health of all beings and is working towards creating a Centre of Belonging with the vision of Restoration of land aswell as community and culture.