Gülçin Önel

Gülçin Önel


Gülçin Önel, (Mavi’nin Sesi): Believing that most of our incompatibilities, unhappiness and separations are caused by forgetting our true nature, our sovereignty. Gülçin therefore prefers to call her work a Journey of Remembrance rather than an education or a teaching. 


In all these journeys where the forgotten is remembered again, she has included the finest details of the art of tracing, she carries the journeys to a deeper layer with meditative initiations and gathers them all under the name of The Mavi’nin Sesi.


She works in Archetypal Psychology and completed a Master’s Study in Psychology on “The Use of Mythology in Therapies” and is the author of Lilith’s Light-11 and Pillar of Light Oracle Card Decks and Mayan Astrology.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gulcin/


“From Kore to Perseophone” A Psycho-Mythological Journey

We will meet to shed light on what is hidden within a story that moves from being a little girl into a Goddess. A dream reminds itself again and again until it is understood, in a myth it is passed down over and over again through the generations until it comes to consciousness in the same way.

So all of these stories live in our bones, breathe within us, but how well do we know them? We meet to hear the call for similar motifs to appear again and again in different stories in many cultures.

This workshop will involve a detailed analysis and integration of a myth.

Our main topics in our journey are as follows;

  • Deep analysis of the symbolic narrative of the Persephone myth,
  • A view of Persephone from Jung’s concept of typology,
  • Explaining the Journey of Individuation that begins by separating from the Mother,
  • With the psychological analysis of the descent into the underworld,
  • A Meditative Journey for the integration of all these transfers