Gülçin Önel

Gülçin Önel


Gülçin Önel (Mavi’nin Sesi) believes that most of our incompatibilities, unhappiness and separations are caused by forgetting our true nature, our sovereignty. Gülçin therefore prefers to call her work a Journey of Remembrance rather than an education or a teaching. In all these journeys where the forgotten is remembered again, she has included the finest details of the art of tracing, she carries the journeys to a deeper layer with meditative initiations and gathers them all under the name of The Mavi’nin Sesi.


She works in Archetypal Psychology and completed a Master’s Study in Psychology on “The Use of Mythology in Therapies” and is the author of Lilith’s Light-11 and Pillar of Light Oracle Card Decks and Mayan Astrology.

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The veil of the unknown world was opened, and a stone was thrown into the deep waters. Yet the otherworld connects us to the language of the soul. It allows us to navigate between the two worlds. Crone is the being of knowledge, to be able to pass under the rainbow. One of the most powerful motifs of that land is the snake. One of the most powerful archetypal images of the snake is “Shahmaran”. Within the framework of the other world and the Crone woman, we will open up to comprehend Shahmaran’s psychological analysis and wisdom in our pysche.


You may want to go through the thresholds, but are you ready? You can only know if the time has come by meeting HEKATE. She is waiting for you at the crossroads. You must first recognize her wisdom to be able to step forward. She is the maiden, the mother, the crone. She is the queen of the nights. From where you are standing, can you recognize her now? If you dare to take that step, summon her now as “Hekate” at the crossroads where she will hear your call in an eternity and meet you.

This meeting will proceed in the form of both narration (symbolism and psychological analysis) and meditative journey.