Gülçin Önel

Gülçin Önel


Gülçin Önel, continues her Goddess journey that began after a call many years ago, and reminds many women and men what she herself remembers inside. The purpose of a unique Feminine Energies, her first work in Turkey, is to guide participants in how they will reach their Nature by following the call of the soul. Believing that most of our incompatibilities, unhappiness and separations are caused by forgetting our true nature, our sovereignty. Gülçin therefore prefers to call her work a Journey of Remembrance rather than an education or a teaching. In all these journeys where the forgotten is remembered again, she has included the finest details of the art of tracing, she carries the journeys to a deeper layer with meditative initiations and gathers them all under the name of The Mavi’nin Sesi.

She works in Archetypal Psychology and completed a Master’s Study in Psychology on “The Use of Mythology in Therapies” and is the author of Lilith’s Light-11 and Pillar of Light Oracle Card Decks.

Gülçin continues to make her path cross with those who are ready to remember the Goddess within them, seeking her without knowing what they are looking for, and who are ready to harmonize their steps with the Goddess.



A Journey of Remembrance

A voice that whispers, “Remember,” as a drop lands on your heart, and you are on your way. That road is ready to carry you to yourself, and you will reach the heart of the world. You’ll hear its name it in that heartbeat, “Avalon.” When we arrive at Avalon, you’ll realize it’s the Lady rising from the waters of the lake who invites us to the nest; she walks on the outskirst of the waters and the Lady is ready to give you the information of the water.

It is now to remind you of your own wisdom, which bears every knowledge in it, as a witness to all the transformation that never goes away. The ancient knowledge written in a drop of water, Avalon recorded in a drop of water and ready to vibrate the waters inside, because it is time to remember.
If you are ready to remember, I will be waiting for you.



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