Priestess Graell is Founder and Director of the Goddess Temple of Ashland Oregon. She is a full time Temple Dancer, International Goddess Temple Mentor, Priestess and Knights of the Goddess Initiator, Creator of ‘Midwife of the Veils Priestess Training’ and Instructor of Devotional Yoga and Dance of the Magda. She regularly offers Spiritual Intimacy Coaching, Chivalry & the Beast Sessions for Men, and Womb Wisdom for Women.
Graell is a chop wood/carry water Priestess of practicality fused with dimensional shapeshifting that carries her into many cultures. All Transmissions given have the innate ability to awaken dormant Codes and activate your authentic, humble, and honest Pure of Heart true nature, as well as your Primal rootsy aspect of self that yearns for expression. She is guided by unyielding trust in the Goddess, and inspires this in all who are present with her.