Gogo Nomzimane Dlamini

Gogo Nomzimane Dlamini


Makhosi Gogo Nomzimane Dlamini (KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa) is a much loved and respected spiritual elder and teacher in the Southern African lineages of the Thokoza Sangoma and Mandau (The holy water spirits). Gogo has been teaching for more than forty years in the majestic hills and valleys of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa and her students come from across the globe to train and nurture their paths in the ways of ancestors and African healing practices. Gogo walks with ancestors and the feminine Divine, taking us deeper into the ways of a powerful female spiritual leadership and queenship which permeates the sacred rituals, vessels and ways of spirit in South Africa.

Due to the heavy floods in South Africa, Aja Marneweck is not able to go to Gogo Nomzimane and record their talk for this year’s Sovereign Goddess of Avalon. They are both doing well and are luckily not personally harmed by the natural disasters happening. They have offered you their special recordings for the Earth Mother and Star Queen to enjoy this year.

PROGRAMME – ONLINE TALK (together with Gogo Nomzimane Dlamini & Donna Kouter)

Walking, talking and experiencing the land in connection to South African Earth Activism. Filmed at Gogo Nomzimane Dlamini’s homestead and traditional healing school in the sacred valley of Inkanyezini in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, Gogo shares with us about the meaning of healing, her role as custodian of sacred ancestral land and customs, rooting us into the deep ancestral support of our inner sovereignty