Georgina Sirret-Armstrong-Smith

Georgina Sirret-Armstrong-Smith


Priestess of Avalon-Georgina Sirett-Armstrong -Smith

Georgina studied to be a Priestess for 6 years with the Goddess Temple and has worked at the Goddess Conference in the UK and more recently California and Mexico. She managed the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury for 7 years, plus appearing on TV and radio for the Goddess Temple and has given readings on TV shows. Georgina also presented a Goddess and astrology forecast programmes on Glastonbury FM internet radio station.

Georgina lives in magical Glastonbury with 9 cats and 2 rescue pups and works within the community in a more practical way by being a modern day 21st century Priestess by helping with food banks and abused men, women and children. Georgina has read karmic astrology for 35 years and Tarot for 45 years and been able to reunite lost families through charts and helped people in the cross roads of their lives. She has a wealth of experience with clients all over the world. Georgina looks at your past lives, challenges and patterns within your birth chart.. She also hand draw charts. Georgina is a qualified teacher& trainer and psychotherapist.

Owner of Sunflower Healing in Glastonbury,

Facebook: sunflowerhealing

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Shadow chasing your dark side-Lilith in your birth chart

  • 25 July, 2021
  • 18:00 - 20:00

Goddess Asteroids

  • 28 July, 2021
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