Georgina Sirett-Armstrong-Smith and Caroline Lir

Georgina Sirett-Armstrong-Smith and Caroline Lir


Georgina Sirett-Armstrong-Smith, Priestess of Avalon, is a psychotherapist who also specializes in karmic astrology. She helps people identify and change thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that are detrimental to their overall wellbeing. Karmic astrology is a practice in which Georgina, for over 30years, studies the arrangement of stars during your time of birth to determine burdens from past lives that could still be weighing on you. It’s very empowering and life changing. Georgina has also been reading the tarot for 48 years. Trained as a teacher, Georgina enjoys presenting and handing knowledge to people.

Georgina managed the Glastonbury Goddess Temple for 7 years and has worked the in conferences since 2007 and is an active Priestess in the community and ceremonies. She presented radio programmes and interviews on the TV &radio. Both Georgina and Caroline Lir have worked together for many years.



Caroline Lir is a visionary Priestess of Avalon living on the sacred Isle. She is a Temple Artist and was for many years the Temple Dresser of the Goddess Temple. Her paintings bring to life the Goddess of Avalon of which her painting of The Lady of Avalon is much loved across the world. She has been researching and birthing this new experiential course on Britain’s greatest story, along with Georgina for 4 years.

She is excited to be Sharing this vision at the Goddess Conference.




Your journey to meet the Well Maidens of Arthurian legends, the Guardians of Sovereignty for our Goddess and Guides of Grail Quest

Listen to the ancient pagan story at the heart of the Grail Mysteries and learn of its place in restoring sovereignty to the wastelands for the modern world. For this is a story of our time, as we seek to avoid the spectre of the Wasteland in our outer reality, we look within ourselves to realise this quest starts with regaining personal sovereignty within our hearts to align with our soul purpose.

In this workshop, you will hear about how the desecration of the Well Maidens led to the spiritual heartlands of Britain becoming a wasteland. How the honouring of the feminine in ourselves and in the world is the path to restoration of the land and our psyches. You will be invited to take up your individual quest to reinstate the Holy Grail of Sovereignty in your heart and begin the journey to heal your broken barren places of the suppressed feminine within yourself. To once more honour the gifts bestowed upon you.

For to restore the Well Maidens in your heart, is to call the Guardians of the Well back to the land and envision the inner Courts of Joy. Here in Glastonbury we will lift the veil to Avalon and journey through the mists to Corbenec, the seat of the Holy Grail, the home of the Well Maidens to seek their blessings on your quest to wholeness.



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