Flavia Kate Peters

Flavia Kate Peters


Flavia Kate Peters is a Celebrity Witch, High Priestess and best selling author of 10 oracle decks & 7 books to date. Recognised as the UK’s leading elemental expert she is a teacher of natural & ancient magick. Flavia Kate trains others through her magickal professional certification courses at the College of Psychic Studies, London, and is a regular Presenter on the Mind Body Spirit & Pagan circuits. Flavia is a both a Scent and Moon Priestess, working medium and clairvoyant, whose television appearances include Celebrity Haunted Hotel, Lightworker’s Guide to the Galaxy, along with various guest slots for BBC Radio. She regularly graces the pages of Spirit and Destiny, FAE and Witchcraft & Wicca magazines. Her authentic approach and expertise makes her a most sought-after wisdom keeper, and her mission is to keep the magick of the Old Ways alive!

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The Dark Goddess is Winter itself, the season of the Crone, who  presents herself at the magical time of midnight, the witching hour, and embraces her shadow side, for she is one who knows exactly who she is. 

She is the old ugly Witch of Faery Tales, the Divine Hag – the CRONE. Through her wisdom She teaches that in order to be balanced and whole we have to first face the darkness. 

When you call upon the Dark Goddess for her powers of extremity or for transformation she will strip you bare of all that you have known, and then quietly waits for you as you sink deeply into an abyss. 

Hers is a journey through the Dark Night of the Soul and not for the faint hearted! She is the instigator of the death of all you’ve known and waits for you to surrender. 

However, she is the key to TRANSFORMATION. For what she offers in return is beyond measure and you will emerge from the darkness stronger, wiser and more powerful than you could ever imagine. 

The Dark Goddess is present at MIDNIGHT, the witching hour and most avoided for she rocks her shadow side. She spins the web of fate and instigates big changes and loss that ultimately lead to the transformation your soul has been crying out for. 

Join Flavia to discover which Dark Goddess is pulling your strings and to embrace your shadow-side as you invite in and acknowledge the Dark Goddess. 

Uncover every part of you that has ever been denied, repressed and disowned through empowering rituals, goddess magick, faery tale symbolism, invocations, healing spells and ceremony to build a better understanding of shadow work and what it means for you. So you can return whole and evolved, with fully reclaimed powers of extremities. 

You will be introduced to each  Dark Goddess who presides over each stage of your dark journey – from BABA YAGA, FAUMNACH, HEL, SHEELA NA GIG and CERRIDWEN to QUEEN MAEVE, THE MORRIGHAN, THE CAILLEACH & ARNEMETIA – who will shed light on illusions,  as we work magickally with each in turn, so you can uncover and embrace your Shadow Influencer and TRANSCEND! 

When Flavia was attacked and left for dead it was the Crone, in her Dark aspect, who journeyed with her through the darkness until she found the light again. As she went through her very own Dark Night of the Soul, that the Crone had especially laid out for her, Flavia met each Dark Goddess in turn at every stage of her dark experience. And survived! 

Now Flavia introduces the Dark Goddesses who preside over us whenever we go through a challenging time, to help survive each stage through their stories, rituals and invocation, to become healed, whole and fully empowered.