Erin McCauliff

Erin McCauliff


Erin McCauliff: “I am a Priestess of Avalon living on the slopes of Wearyall Hill on the Isle of Avalon. Originally from the US, I moved to England in 1995 as a Neonatal Nurse. I dedicated as a Priestess of Avalon and began teaching the Priestess of Avalon training for Kathy Jones in 2003 and continued for 14 years. I enjoyed performing in the Goddess Conference Ceremonial group for many years and served as a Melissa weekly in the Glastonbury Goddess Temple. I am retired now and so proud to see the accomplishments of many of our students around the world and their dedication to Goddess and to sharing Her path.”



I will share with you how I came to live in Glastonbury Avalon and connect deeply with Goddess energy here. I found the sacred land of the Isle of Avalon emanating with an all-enveloping, powerful feminine energy. She who is the curving land, the birds and wildlife, the changing seasons and the weather. She who is the energy of inspiration, creation, manifestation and of release. She who is known as the Lady of Avalon. I will share the gifts and challenges of living as Her Priestess in the present day.