Emmie Hammond

Emmie Hammond


Emmie Hammond: Deep empath and intuitive energy worker, devotee of Hecate & Aprodite, student of Persephone, Emmie works closely with you and empowers you to embrace yourself and call back your power. 


Working with the elements and Goddess she embraces her Irish & Mediterranean ancestry connecting into to ancient healing, medicine and spirituality. 


Emmie specialises in trauma healing, shadow work and helping others to find their true path. She goes with you into the dark, holds your hand, and births you back into the light. Guided by The Morrigan, Emmie works from a small barn conversion surrounded by the elements and rolling hills of the Cotswolds. As a Sister of Stone, Stream and Sky, she is dedicated to Cuda of the Cuculatti. 


Emmie is a trained holistic therapist and energy healer, dedicated to natural wellbeing for women with a very personal interest. With Fibromyalgia, hEDS, POTS, MCAS and ADHD, Emmie has a deep understanding of the body, pain and mental health. Emmie is also open about her past trauma and abuse believing that in sisterhood we heal.


As a result, it became essential to understand and develop healthy coping mechanisms. Herbs and holistic treatment were a natural pathway.  With a lifetime of managing chronic pain, fatigue and mental health issues it became important to advocate and support others.





An important part of the Goddess ways is taking care of yourself. During the Conference you can do this with relaxing healing therapies at the Wellness Sanctuary, which is open daily (10:00AM – 18:00PM, Sun – 15:00PM) during the Conference days at the Miracles Room (in The Glastonbury Experience courtyard) and the Temple of Avalon! 


Organised and held by Emmie Hammond, a team of qualified and experienced therapists offer a range of services, all designed with your wellbeing in mind. Book yourself several nurturing sessions, and pamper yourself in between the activities of the Conference, including: foot soaks, sacred hair treatments, facials, massages, tarot & oracle card readings, energy healing and intention weaving! 

For the up to date schedules, treatment slots, and to book your treatments, find information on the boards at the Reception of the Town Hall or you can already sign in beforehand via THIS BOOKING LINK !  Session fees: £30 /30min, £55 /60min, £75 /90min, cash only, book and pay at the reception.

See below the full offerings and biographies of the therapists!

Emmie Hammond offering: Elemental cleansing connecting you back into your energy body. Allowing for rebalance, stability and a deeper connection to your soul self. Emmie deeply holds your energy and works with the elements to cleanse away old attachments, re-establish boundaries and restore harmony within. This gentle restorative session is bespoke to you and your needs. Using elemental touch, she works with your energy connecting to your higher self and Goddess knowledge to gift you peace and alignment to your true nature. This session can be hands off and fully conscious for those who need it, Emmie is experienced with handling deep trauma and wounds and will always hold you safely and lovingly giving you permission to surrender and connect deeper. Emmie finishes the session with an elemental blessing to seal in intention and affirmation. 

Jade Dalton: Priestess Psychic, Sister of Avalon, Sacred Celebrant, Priestess of Persephone. Jade is an experience tarot reader and oracle.
Offering: Goddess centered Tarot Readings, Goddess Energy Healing and Chakra Healing

Annabel Hollis: I have practised Deep Tissue Massage for the last 18 years both at home, in clinic, retreat and festival settings, prior to that I worked for 10 years as a nurse. https://annabelhollis.wordpress.com/deep-tissue-massage/
Offering: Surrender to the potent power of touch, allowing a slow release of tension whilst feeling safely held in capable, experienced hands. You will leave the session feeling taller, lighter on all levels, and deeply nourished at a cellular level

Jesika Shanti: Has been  working in Alternative Hairdressing for over 15 years. Spreading colour and magic whilst weaving transformation and belonging in her work.

She has collected many healing tools along her journey and is now in the 2nd year of Priestess of the Cotswold , Kin of Cuda Training , dedicating her offerings to the Lady of Stone Stream and Sky.

Offering: In this hair blessing ritual, Jesika will hold you in a beautifully gentle, nourishing and aromatic container. For as far back in Herstory as we can see, hair has been regarded as the physical manifestation of thought. A living growing representation of our feelings and inner world, but also our connection to our higher self. Caring for your hair in a conscious manner that acknowledges its sacred power is an important aspect of self-love for well being on all levels. In the blessing I combine a fresh herbal tea ceremony to clear the mind, with Your own choice of handmade fortifying hair spritz and conscious combing followed by braiding of the hair to create the perfect environment for guided intention setting which is tied into the hair by Jeskia as your witness. High Priestesses, Queens, Kings, Tribes and Medicine people alike have used hair dressing ceremonies to re-align, unify and secure thoughts, thus coming into relationship and harmony with Earth, Sea and Sky. Book your session to experience this magical ancient ritual and take away your sacred energy braided elegantly into your pampered locks. Different aromas, coloured threads and styles available.

Juliana Avila: “I am Juliana, a wild & medicina woman – sister, mother, daughter, celebrant, lover and friend. 

I am in service of love and healing – of connection and experience and always with the grace of Mãe Terra/ Gaia/Mother Earth – by my side. I am here to remind you of your true essence. 

Learning from indigenous and wisdom keepers, inspiring mentors and Life itself. Rooted in my own journey, experience and heart. 

Weaving all the elements in harmony with Nature. 

Answering the call to truly reclaim all that I’m. Honouring the ones before me and the ones yet to come. A journey that is still unfolding. Always an apprentice of this Life.

I’m currently in my second year of Priestesses training of the Cotswolds – Stroud Goddess Temple – on those lands but my deep connection to all the elements, the seen and unseen began as a child. “

Offering: Womb Medicina. Everything is birthed through the Womb. Our power, our voices, dreams, passions, creativities, creations, therefore our lives. 

A session and a blessing dedicated to all women. Nourishing and nurturing through a gentle touch, infused with oils in Sacred space to reconnect with your womb. Assisted by plant allies, crystals, weaved and blessed by all the elements. 

Orïa: The Venus Ritual Facial is a beauty treatment that goes beyond the veil, taking you on an inner journey into the divine temple of Venus and the powerful, sacred, mystical, energies associated with the goddess of beauty and love. Come indulge and immerse yourself in this well alchemised and sumptuous Venusian infusion. For a totally decadent pampering session that will attune and align you to your inner and outer most radiant, feminine, empowered, Goddess self. The facial ritual tantalises all the senses and incorporates a blend of ancient and holistic techniques and carefully selected natural ingredients which are all corresponding to Venus and some being harvested during Venus placements and alignments to enhance the potency and vibration of the products used during this treatment.

Offering: “30 mins – A petite Venusian pamper facial; Card pulling, Attunement and Mirror invocation, Annointing oil, Rose elixir, Herbal Aura misting / Smudging, Light facial cleanse and toner, Rose quartz gua sha sculpting, using a brightening floral facial oil and facial massage and serum. 

60 mins – The Pampered Priestess package; Card pulling, Attunement, Rose Elixir, Mirror Invocation, Annointing, Smudging and Aura misting, gointo into light facial cleanse with, ozone herbal infused facial steaming, cupping, rose quartz gua sha with facial oil along with relaxing facial massage, a rose and clay tightening and brightening face mask and finished off with two luxurious facial serums.

90 mins – The Ultimate Empress Package. Card pulling, Attunement, Rose Elixir, Annointing, Smudging and floral aura misting, light facial cleanse and ozone herbal infused facial steaming, cupping, rose quartz gua sha sculpting with facial oil along with relaxing facial massage, a rose and clay tightening and brightening face mask, Microcurrent muscle toning and lifting and finished off with, luxurious facial serums and LED photon anti aging and skin rejuvenation for the ultimate glow and revitalisation.”

Ann Pelsmaeker: Ann has a long-standing fascination with Chinese medicine and its strong connection to nature and the symbiosis of body-mind-spirit. She is a practicing acupuncturist, Tui Na massage therapist and offers Tibetan Herbal Foot Soaks. Whether you have acute pain, chronic illness or want to maintain wellness, she is dedicated to assist you in coming back to yourself, with heaven and earth restored.

Offering: “Tibetan Herbal Foot Soaks

Sustainably wildcrafted herbs and minerals from the Tibetan plateau provide the deeply nourishing and healing experience of a mountain hot spring.

This herbal foot bath gives you the opportunity to retreat into your inner landscape – feel your feet come to life while you rest and soak up the goodness of the healing herbs into your body.                                                                                                

Foot soaks improve blood circulation and eliminate toxins, relieve muscle aches and tension, pain and inflammation, headaches and migraines, arthritis, fibromyalgia, digestive issues, PMT as well as stress and sleeping problems.”

Katherine Preece: is a Holistic Massage Therapist from Malvern.  Holistic therapy involves the consideration of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing in each treatment. Essentially you are treated as a ‘whole’ person…Mind,Body & Spirit. In that sense, no two massages are the same, each session is built entirely on what you believe your mind and body needs in that moment. Katherine specialises in Oncology massage and massage for clients who have neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease, but equally enjoys giving wonderfully relaxing treatments to everyone to help Restore, Rebalance, Repair & Reconnect.

Offering: Katherine is offering 30 minute chair massages or 30 minute massages for hands and/or feet.

Chair massage can be particularly beneficial and can deliver the same beautifully relaxing benefits as couch massage. The beauty of chair massage is that it is a completely flexible therapy for the back, shoulders, neck, head and arms and can be delivered without the use of oil and without the removal of clothing.

One of the primary benefits of massage other than pure relaxation, is improved blood flow and overall circulation. This is especially true of the hands and feet due to their location at the extremities of our body. Encouraging blood, oxygen and nutrients to these areas promotes improved motion, improved nerve and tissue health and decreased inflammation.

Justine Bonner: gained an ITEC Swedish/therapeutic massage qualification in 1999, she trained in traditional Thai Yoga massage at The Old Medicine Hospital and The School of Sunshine in Thailand in 2003. She went on to study Lomi Lomi Massage at Shekinashram, Glastonbury with Carey Lowel in 2008. Justine is dedicated to taking care of her own health and well being by practicing Yoga regularly and conscious eating, which helps ensure she has a plentiful energy supply to give high quality treatments. 

Offering: Lomi Lomi uses gentle but deep continuous flowing strokes to nurture & energise the body creating harmony between mind, body & soul. Relax and feel your limiting belief patterns & behaviours begin to fall away. 

Stephanie Mathivet: “I am an experienced and insured aromatherapist and priestess with wonderful offerings for the Goddess Conference. Book with me for a Lammas aromatherapy back of body or full body massage, a delicious warm coconut oil Lomi Lomi or Aromatherapy facial and/or Natural Lift Face Massage. For tired feet/aching legs try a foot care pedi, with leg and footmasque and massage. All at 1 hour or 90 minutes. More about me on www.lavenderandrosestherapies.co.uk

Offering: Book with Stephanie for a Lammas aromatherapy back of body or full body massage, a delicious warm coconut oil Lomi Lomi or Aromatherapy facial and/or Natural Lift Face Massage. For tired feet/aching legs try a foot care pedi, with leg/foot masque and massage. All at 1 hour or 90 minutes. I offer two treatments in tune with the Conferencethem.One is a Crone Blessing with a deep cave aromatic visualization as you receive a hot stone massage and the other is a Grandmother’s floral aromatic journey to her garden of love and kind wisdom – either face or body massage with luxurious moisturising oils. Both of which are 90 mins.