Emmie Adrienne Skye

Emmie Adrienne Skye


Emmie Adrienne Skye is a trained herbalist and has studied with many experienced shaman, priestesses, Ayurvedic and tantric healers. Specialising in trauma healing, shadow work and helping women to find their true path Emmie goes with you into the dark, holds your hand, and births you back into the light whilst integrating all aspects of you for full self-love & connection.

Transformational death & rebirth Priestess, Emmie is a part of the Stroud Goddess Temple community and works full time as a therapist & healer. Dedicated to Hekate, Death Doula of Persephone and Womb Priestess for Aphrodite. Emmie works through the shadows and the innermost psyche as a deep empath and intuitive energy worker, supporting women, empowering them to embrace themselves and call back their power. Embracing the divine dark feminine, Emmie brings the healing and passion of Aphrodite wrapping you up in self-love, light and support bringing you deep into your heart space through body work, womb-healing and massage.

With Fibromyalgia, hEDS, POTS, MCAS and ADHD, Emmie has a deep understanding of the body, pain and mental health. As a result, it became essential to understand and develop healthy coping mechanisms. Herbs and holistic treatment were a natural pathway. With a lifetime of managing chronic pain, fatigue and mental health issues it became important to advocate and support other women.  

Specialising in wellness for women, feminine embodiment, transformational healing, chronic pain, anxiety, trauma release & managing emotions.

Offering womb massage, energy healing, grounding tantric touch & tarot readings.

At heart, she’s a cottage witch, with cats instead of children and too many jars!