I have been doing Goddess work in Israel since 2002. I’ve always known Goddess. Ions and countless life times.
    In this life, I remembered her when as a young woman I left everything behind and followed a calling to travel in Africa. There I found HER in the primal nature and the amazing tribes people in the most remote
    areas of East Africa. Tribal women taught me about being a woman, and about being a part of the tribe of women.

    Later on I acquired my shamanic training in Israel, and went on to pave my own personal way of serving the Goddess.

    For the last 18 years I have been teaching women and facilitating women’s circles and festivals. Initiating girlsinto womanhood, giving lectures and workshops about the Goddess and about the powerful feminine energy I’ve absorbed in Africa. I am a shamanic storyteller, and an artist creating Goddess art.