(La Voz de TARA)

Born in the mthical Atlantis (today’s Canary Islands) of the indigenous Canarii tribe of Gran Canaria.

She is descended from the Harimaguadas, priestesses who bore the message of the ancient culture of the Tara Goddess.

She is known for her intuitive voice, attuned to a magical frequency that wakes the ancient memory and carries messages.Her uniquely deep register reaches the so-called impossible and prohibited tongues and transforms the elements of nature.

Holistic therapist specializing in the therapy of voice and language of singing in the ritual music of world cultures.

Producer, composer and singer of LaVozdeTARA/ Facilitator of circles of women since 2006 / Creator of the Vocerapia method, with which she has taught workshops since 2006, working directly with more than 800 people / Studies in lyrical singing, modern singing and shamanic songs / Light and Sound Therapist / Graduated Silva Method of Mental Efficacy / ArtTherapist / Healing Teacher-Reiki Instructor / Licensed Tarot and Kabalah E.I.