Drewyd Galdron

Drewyd Galdron


Drewyd Galdron (ey/em/es / Any pronoun) is a Druid, a Priest of the Everbranch since 2013, and a devotee of the goddesses MaRhea, OshuNet, and Shri Gayatri Devi. Since 2008 ey has attended 16 consecutive Goddess conferences in Glastonbury, taking es journey with goddess to a whole new level, and spreading Her love and magic through song, immersive music workshops, and creative outputs which run through most aspects of es life.


Drewyd, often called Drew, has spent the last 12 years professionally impersonating and satirising the former British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, which has been a major part of es political activism, and a highlight of local entertainment in recent Glastonbury summers! For 20 years ey has also been an advocate for the LGBT+ community.


Since 2020, Drew has started a blog talking about mythology, creativity, and reviewing divine drinks!

Blog: http://fb.me/GodsAndSpirits


Journeying to meet Ràn, Dark Mother of the Ocean.
Through the music of her homelands of Scandinavia; symphonic metal will carry us on a journey of dancing, pathworking, meeting mermaids, and eventually the Dark Mother of the Ocean from Norse mythology herself – Rán.  

Sink into her depths, to experience a unique kind of Goddess journey, and learn how to ask Rán, with her mighty net that takes all, to “take our sins” – absolve us of our shortcomings.  Let the ocean drag you deep into her mysteries, face your Dark Reflection, and be gifted when you open Rán’s Chest of Wonders!