Drewyd Galdron

Drewyd Galdron


Drewyd Galdron (ey/em/es / Any pronoun) is a Druid, a Priest of the Everbranch since 2013, and a follower of the goddesses Marhea, Oshunet, and Shri Gayatri Devi. Since 2008 ey has attended 15 consecutive Goddess conferences in Glastonbury, taking es journey with goddess to a whole new level, and spreading Her love and magic through song, and through creative outputs which run through most aspects of es life.

Drewyd, often called Drew, has spent the last 10 years professionally impersonating and satirising the [former?] British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, which has been a major part of es political activism. For 20 years ey has also been an advocate for the LGBT+ community.  Since 2020, Drew has started a blog talking about mythology, creativity, and reviewing tasty treats!



Take a journey with us, through dance, and story, and a broad range of Goth music: From the city of Camelot, hearing songs that call us, to meet the Lady of the Lake, and cross her waters to meet Gwenhwyfar – Guenever – White Shadow Jennifer – the Keeper of the Mists, who waits for us in the place where sorrow transforms into strength, wildness transforms into truth, and sovereignty transforms into power.

  • Bring your wild selves, your dancing selves, your gothic selves, and learn what in them is beautiful.



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