Draupadi and Lilavati

Draupadi and Lilavati


Draupadi is a Grandmother, Elder and Medicine Carrier, aka faerie godmama of Avalon. She was called to Avalon 25 years ago. Having struggled in this world for most of her life with shut down self medication to numb her broken heart. Losing her magic at a strict convent school and academic upbringing.Its an epic story that she is very happy to share and sure many of you will relate deeply to.

When the Lady of Avalon called her here with her then 9 year old daughter, Draupadi was again thrown into Ceridwens cauldron. Her inner lotus began to blossom fully when she was called to sit with sacred master teacher plants that helped her to remember who she was and is and why she came here. After years of service and learning she then received the blessing to travel with this altar and spent 8 years traveling to many countries sharing these gifts.

Her life’s mission is to facilitate and guide people, especially those with childhood trauma’s to release them and give thanks for them and in that way become the shinning light they came here to be. In the last 2 years, Draupadi has been here in her beautiful Dragon Temple on the hill, overlooking Avalon with her beloved 4 legged soul companion Babushka. She is part of the sacred sistars of Avalon and together they activate the earth grids with crystal, prayers and songs. Draupadi also offers hand fastings, Baby naming ceremonies, Vedic fire ceremonies.


My name is (Lisa) Lilavati, I am so blessed to be singing Vedic mantras with you again this year.

My journey with the goddesses of India started on my second trip to India in 93, my heart was opened fully to the sound vibrations of these mantras, and it as continued to be my first and deepest love of connection to spirit! Kirtan is singing to the divine and together It melts Our hearts and connects us, Jai Ma.



Kirtan performance at the Coming Together in Avalon Ceremony.