I am a modern-day pilgrim, oftentimes stumbling my way through life, distracted by this world that is too much with us, but determined to remove this veil of untruth so that I can wake up to who I Really Am. The sum total of my 52 years on earth have taught me a few lessons:
    1. “World Peace Begins With My Inner Peace”. I believe this completely and do my best to align how I live my life with this guidance.
    2. Fierce and fearless self-awareness and knowledge: Thank you humanity for being my mirror and helping me see what I do not see about myself. Your reflections are important to me, and I vow to use them to help me forgive, heal and grow. But please know that this does not give you permission to tell me who I should be, based on your expectations for my sex, race and various ethnicities. This robs us both of our authenticity and Truth.
    3. Press Pause; Press Play- I am learning to be worthy of my pause periods, and give myself permission to play whenever possible, and dance myself into blissful fullness.
    4. As I get older, my focus is dedicated to reimagining who I am as a middle aged woman who aspires to be a fulltime rites of passage companion and fire priestess.
    5. Purpose and meaning matter- Who I am matters. How I show up matters. What I do matters. All this requires that I live my life wide awake. May death find every crevice of who I am filled to the brim with conscious, aware and daring
    I am a registered Arts Therapist, am a teacher and healer, writer and coach, have performed professionally on stage, and have designed and facilitated various leadership programmes. I also hold ceremony and facilitate ritual to help individuals journey through various life passages such as marriage, conscious uncoupling, first menses, the scattering of ashes, birthdays and other rites which mark important transitions in a person’s life.