Donna Henes

Donna Henes


Donna Henes is a celebrated author, popular speaker, ceremonialist and workshop leader whose humor, insight and wisdom have inspired thousands of people worldwide to discover the joy of empowered living and the satisfaction of making positive change in the world. Her dynamic interactive presentations generate enthusiasm and spirited resolve in audiences both large and small. 

Donna Henes has published five books and writes for The Huffington Post, as well as UPI Religion and Spirituality Forum and Beliefnet. A noted ritual expert, she serves as a ritual consultant for motion pictures. She has been interviewed on numerous television and radio programs and featured in national publications.



A Woman’s Guide to Power: Claim It! Embrace It! Use It!

We women are often afraid of our own power. Afraid to be thought of as pushy or bitchy. But wise women wield power wisely and the planet is in desperate need of our wisdom. It is up to us to accept the responsibility and sovereignty over our own lives and to wield it with confidence and compassion for the benefit of all life.