Donna is excited to invite you to join her for four morning mini-workshops of her unique blend of Yoga and indigenous spirituality, inspired by her background as an ancestral witch and initiated Priestess of the goddesses Brighde-Brigantia and of the Rose lineage, combined with nourishment for your mind and body. Donna leads healing and empowering retreats and immersions for women to connect with their intuition and their core power and passion, through practices of yoga, divination, mantra, music and movement. These morning mini-workshops will give you an opportunity to connect, via gentle breathwork, movement, meditation, visualisation and music, to the Earth Mother goddess both without and within, in different forms.
    Donna’s workshops are open and accessible to all bodies and abilities. If you wish, you are very welcome to simply attend and watch and listen only, and move (or not) when you feel able.
    If you have a yoga mat, it will be useful but not essential. All that is required is a little space to move freely, and have a blanket and perhaps a couple of cushions nearby to aid your physical comfort.