Donna Gerrard – The Goddess Web

Donna Gerrard – The Goddess Web


Donna Gerrard is an initiated Priestess of  Brighde-Brigantia, of the Avalon Rose lineage, and of the Sacred Bee. She has a deep soul connection with Mary Magdalene and the oil-bearing tradition, and now offers courses dedicating into the lineage of the myrrhophores, the oil-bearers. Healing the witch wound is very dear to her heart, her direct maternal line being from Pendle, Lancashire, location of the biggest witch trial in English history. Her academic background was initially in the male-dominated engineering domain, but having also been a long time practitioner and teacher of yoga, and a yoga teacher trainer, she is currently writing her dissertation for a master’s degree in ‘Traditions of Yoga and Meditation’ at SOAS, University of London, on the topic of ‘Body Image and Modern Yoga’. Donna is also a poet and her classes often interweave poetry and the spirituality of these other ancient traditions with that of yoga, in a way that passionately communicates the transformative power of these ancient Goddess traditions in a modern context. 




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Shapeshifting as Healing Practice

Donna explores the shapeshifting stories of the Welsh goddess Blodeuwedd and nymph priestess of the Greek mythological pantheon, Daphne, and leads us on a journey of exploration to liberate our own healing through shapeshifting as a spiritual practice.