Deonesea La Fey, Sophia Blanton and Graell Corsini Valendar

Deonesea La Fey, Sophia Blanton and Graell Corsini Valendar


Deonesea La Fey is a Professional Dancer and Ordained Priestess whose studies of dance and ritual span several decades. She has an extensive background in various forms of dance including Arabic dances, Argentine Tango, and Temple Dances. Along with holding Spiritual Mentorship for women on Sexuality and Intimacy, Deonesea performs and teaches internationally.


Sophia Blanton is a lifelong dancer, mythic scholar and Priestess of the Goddess. Her work explores the intersection between Myth, Movement and Magic. A native of Macedonia, her lifelong study of Greek and Near-Eastern archetypes forms the basis of her work in “Prayerformance”. As a longtime devotee of the technique and repertory of Isadora Duncan, she discovered a physical language for dance/performance embodiment of Goddess Archetypes and interpretiation of devotional themes. Her Prayerformance “Morgana’s Dance” is set to Heloise Pilkington’s haunting song “Morgana”, and weaves Duncan’s water repertory with the lore and legend of Morgana, Priestess of the Sea and of Avalon. Discover more at


Graell Corsini Valendar is a Life Coach of the Sacred, she has been a practicing Priestess since 1991, is Founder and Director of The Goddess Temple of Ashland Oregon and its annual Priestess College. Graell is a Midwife of the Veils serving Childbirth, First Blood, Spiritual Intimacy, Marriage, Parenting, Divorce, Sovereignty, Death, and Rebirth.   With over three decades of teaching various trainings in the Priestess Arts, Dance, and Devotional Yoga, Lady Graell is guided by the depth of her connection betwixt her heart and womb, and the bridging of Avalon, Ashland, Lake Atitlan, and Mt. Shasta.  Her profound and personal communion with nature fuels her passion for sharing practical skills on walking The Path of Sacred Living.   For details on her menu of global offerings:


Morgana, Lady of Avalon, Priestess of old, moves through us now with glory untold. Calling through the mists, adorning in Glamour, she calls us to our Sovereign Selves…with her we’re enamored. Call her forth with us, Morgana Le Fay, through breath and body at the end of this day. Our prayerformance beckons you to be enchanted with dance, and to join us in celebration of the Mystery’s plan. Here, in this closing ceremony we wish to send you off with Ritual Dance to carry with you in your memories.