Danielle Blackwood

Danielle Blackwood


Danielle Blackwood, (She, her) is a professional astrologer with more than 30 years of experience. Danielle is also a Registered Counseling Therapist (RTC) in private practice. Her therapeutic approach is transpersonal and she holds a certificate in Jungian and Post Jungian Clinical Concepts through The Center of Applied Jungian Studies.  Danielle is the author of the bestselling book The Twelve Faces of The Goddess: Transform Your Life with Astrology, Magick and the Sacred Feminine (Llewellyn, 2018), and the recent release, A Lantern in the Dark: Navigate Life’s Crossroads with Story, Ritual and Sacred Astrology.  She is also a regular contributor for Llewellyn’s annuals and her work has appeared many times in The Witches’ Datebook and The Witches’ Calendar, among others. Danielle is a passionate lifelong student of folklore, mythology, and depth psychology, and helping others through their rites of passage when they find themselves in a dark wood, is at the heart of her work. Danielle Blackwood lives in an enchanted cottage on a tiny island on the west coast of Canada.





Astrology at the Crossroads: Laying Down the Bones of Your Story with Baba Yaga. 

Sacred Astrology teaches that approximately between our mid 50’s and into our early 60’s, we enter the Crossroad Time known as the Second Saturn Return, a significant psychospiritual rite of passage that marks the end of a cycle in our lives, while conversely heralding the beginning of a new phase, that of the Crone, or Wisdom Keeper.

As we near this juncture, many find themselves asking, what do I do with the time I have left?

Even if you are not within this age range, everyone is warmly welcome, as we’ll be diving into an introduction of the seven-year Saturn cycles – the Bones of Your Story – and there is something to take away from this experiential teaching for all.

In this workshop, based on Danielle Blackwood’s second book, A Lantern in the Dark: Navigate Life’s Crossroads with Story, Ritual and Sacred Astrology, you’ll learn the archetypal themes to expect at this threshold, lay down the Bones of Your Story through a sacred journal reflection, and take part in a guided pathworking to meet Baba Yaga, wise Teacher and Keeper of the Mysteries. 

You will also receive the opportunity to share experience and ask questions. And time permitting, Danielle will look at several birth charts, to let you know when you can expect this pivotal juncture. 

Viewing Saturn’s teachings through a mythopoeic lens can be a deeply spiritual and empowering way to approach this crossroads. We’re reminded that autumn has its own rich beauty, and can bring profound meaning, unexpected enchantment, and new possibility.

*** Please bring a copy of your birth chart to get the most out of this workshop (easily obtainable for free online) as well as a journal and a pen. 

Online Programme

Through the Dark Wood: Introduction to Your Second Saturn Return

Join Astrologer, Author, and Registered Counselor Danielle Blackwood for an introduction to the second Saturn return, and learn the lay of the land of this psychospiritual initiation. As we approach this time, feelings around aging may surface that we never expected. One of the most common questions people ask at this juncture is, “What do I do with the time I have left”? 

We will touch on seven year Saturn Cycles (The Bones of Your Story) which with reflection can give you an overview of your life that can provide symbolic meaning to events in your past, and also guide you towards your next steps, as you move into the time of the Elder.