Danielle Blackwood – The Goddess Web

Danielle Blackwood – The Goddess Web


Danielle Blackwood (She, her) is a professional astrologer with more than 30 years of experience, as well as a Registered Counselling Therapist (RTC) in private practice. Her therapeutic approach is transpersonal and she holds a certificate in Jungian and Post Jungian Clinical Concepts.  Danielle is the author of the bestselling book The Twelve Faces of The Goddess: Transform Your Life with Astrology, Magick and the Sacred Feminine (Llewellyn, 2018), and A Lantern in the Dark: Navigate Life’s Crossroads with Story, Ritual and Sacred Astrology.  She is also a regular contributor for Llewellyn’s annuals and her work has appeared many times in The Witches’ Datebook and The Witches’ Calendar, among others. Danielle is currently pursuing an MA in Celtic Studies at the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David, and is a passionate lifelong student of mythology and depth psychology. Danielle lives in an enchanted cottage on a tiny island on the west coast of Canada.


Website: www.danielleblackwood.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danielleblackwoodastrologer/


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Introduction to Working with the New Moon

Through Sacred Astrology and the 12 Faces of the Goddess


The liminal moment of the new moon signifies the birth of a new lunar cycle, and we can connect with that unfolding momentum to create new beginnings and seed intentions.


In this presentation based on Danielle Blackwood’s bestselling book, The Twelve Faces of the Goddess: Transform Your Life with Astrology, Magick, and the Sacred Feminine, you will learn that Sacred Astrology is a psychospiritual approach rooted in the earth, our own bodies, and the seasonal cycles.


With her signature approach to the twelve astrological archetypes through the lens of the sacred feminine, you will discover the why behind the practice of setting intentions on the new moon. You will also receive suggestions to connect with each new moon for the remainder of 2024, and meet the faces of the Goddess that archetypally correspond with each of these new moons for healing, self-exploration, and a deeper connection to the patterns that run beneath our everyday lives.