Meet Cristina, priestess of the Temple of Goddess in Avalon. Cristina lives, learns and teaches in Mexico, dedicating her work to prehispanic Latin American mysteries. She has been ordained as a cacaotera – priestess of the sacred cacao ceremony, after 2 years of intensive training and a lifetime of study. As part of her Latin American journey and apprenticeship, she is also studying together with the Q’eros community in the Peruvian Andes to become a Nusta – a priestess of Pachamama, Earth Goddess in the Andean belief.
As a sociologist and semiotician, her purpose is to guide children into the beauty of discovering their inner magic, through the skills of nature lore, sacred ritual, myths and proverbial wisdom. She believes in the transformative power of mythology and storytelling. Her cacao and herb lore ceremonies are children-friendly and they are not just entertainment, but a deep initiation in the ancient mysteries of Mother Earth.