Corah Aplonia Avalon

Corah Aplonia Avalon


My name is Corah Aplonia Avalon and I live in a lovely Cottage on the Isle of Dordrecht, the oldest Town of Holland. I have been travelling throughout my life, a life long journey, to discover and unveil the (inner) mysteries here on Earth. Corah is Morgen HPriestess in the Ninefold Sisterhood of Avalon. She is Initiated in the Sacred Ways of Ancient Avalon and Keeper Keyholder in the Sacred Ninefold Nine Morgen Mysteries. She facilitates the Global Ninefold Morgen of Avalon Temple. She is the Founder of the Traditional Avalon Mystery School © 1995 and its Daughter Branches; The Nine Morgens Mystery School © 1999 and The Ninefold Apple Branch of Avalon. She walked the Earth from young age and has guided hundreds of women and groups to ancient sites all over the World. She is an international Celtic Ceremonialist, Healer-Herbalist and Retreat Facilitator and teaches the Ancient Oral Traditions for over 25 years. Corah is Keyholder of de Morgen Lineage in the Sacred Ninefold Morgen Mysteries of Ancient Avalon. She is trained and initiated in the ancient Lineage of Avalon, Afallach, Avallon through the Sisterhood of the Nine Morgens of Avalon, in which she in 2020 successfully finished her Triple Ninefold Training, total of 27 years (3 x 9=27=9). She is also a certified Merlin-MerlinA Healer, a Crystal Skull Keeper, Oracle Reader and Soul Coach. Corah is the Author of the Ninefold Chronicles of Avalon, a future Series of Nine Books called the Nine Morgens of Avalon. Part 1 – 4 is available in English and Dutch. She is also the creatrix of the Avalon ‘Spirit of Avalon’ Herbal Incense Line, the Avalon Soul Soothing Oils, the Ninefold Soul Awakening Vision Board of Avalon and the Ninefold Oracle of Avalon.

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The Tribal Star Queen speaks. Weaving the Wheel of Birth, Creation, Fate and Destiny

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