Corah Aplonia Avalon

Corah Aplonia Avalon


Corah Aplonia Avalon: I am delighted to be part in the Crone Goddess Conference 2023! As a little girl I was already very intrigued by the Stars and I had my own childlike communication with Spirit. I have been travelling, exploring and researching throughout my life, a lifelong journey, to discover and unveil the (inner) mysteries here on Earth.


Corah is Morgen, Lineage- and Keeper Keyholder of the Morgen Lineage of Ancient Avalon. She is a Retreat Facilitator, Psychic Reader and Soul Coach. If you have any Life Questions or wanna join this Sacred System of work through the Sacred Pathways on Earth, feel welcome to join me through the Celtic Wheel of Life, Avalon Star Wisdom and our Morgen Wheel of Remembrance!


Corah is the Founder of the Traditional Avalon Mystery School © 1995 and teaches the Sacred Ways, Avalon Star Wisdom, Oral Traditions and Ninefold Mysteries of Ancient Avalon. She is the Author of the Ninefold Chronicles of Avalon, a Series of 9 Books called the Nine Morgens of Avalon, Books are in English and Dutch! She is a Certified: Avalon Rose Healer © 2004, MerlinA Soul Coach © 2003, White Light Healer © 1999, Violet Flame Initiator © 2003, Reiki Master © ’05 and an Initiate in the Sarah and the Angels Healing System © April 2021. She is also the creatrix of the Avalon ‘Spirit of Avalon’ Herbal Incense Line, the Avalon Soul Soothing Oils and Ninefold Soul Oracle of ancient Avalon, available Summer 2023.


She has guided groups all over the World with Footsteps on Ancient Sites of Origin. She successfully finished her Triple Nine – Morgen of Avalon Cycle, 3 x 9 =27 Years in 2020, in the Sacred Oral Traditions of Ancient Avalon. Corah is Morgen, Lineage- and Keeper Keyholder in the sacred Ninefold Mysteries of Ancient Avalon, you can join her through the Traditional Avalon Mystery School in Sacred Journey’s or in the Oral (and now Online) Trainings she facilitates. Traditional Avalon Mystery School
Awakening the Sacred Heart within All



Crone Cailleach, Sacred Symbolism and Earth Star Legacy

The Crone Cailleach, Her Magical Inner Depths, Sacred Symbolism and Earth Star Legacy. An Inner Journey through the depths and deep Caverns of our great Mother Earth and all Her magnificent Mysteries! Are you joining? 

She who holds the essence of the Earth, as the Earth is one big portal of existence.

We will weave a visual Web in which we will create, connect and seed words of wisdom. We will work with Morgen, Cerridwen and the Cailleach in her ancient forms of primal Earth Mother and Crone Goddess. 

Within this sacred system of work we will also discover in which life cycle of crone wisdom you are, regardless of age. This will also relate to Numerology and the Ninefold Wheel of Remembrance. We will work through and create a Ninefold Crone Cycle Sheet.

Come join the Crone Cailleach, honouring the Primal Goddess in All Her forms, through all Times, connecting the under, inner and outer Worlds of Wyrd Sacred Wisdom and her Web Weaving Ways !!

I invite You ancient soul, my name is Corah Aplonia Avalon