Corah Aplonia Avalon

Corah Aplonia Avalon


Corah Aplonia Avalon  started her research into the Ninefold Mysteries of Avalon in the mid Nineties. The Legacy and Lineage of Avalon is primal, ancient, sacred and long … and the Nine Morgens and groups or circles of Nine are known worldwide …


She started her studies and trainings and founded the Traditional Avalon Mystery School(c)1995. This is a Daughter of the long lasting Lineage and Sacred Light Line of the Sisterhood of the Nine Morgens of Ancient Avalon. The Mystery School helps the seeker to remember the ancient ways-, paths-, and healing teachings of Avalon through the great Mother Earth Gaia, Gé, Terra, Tierra, or She with the many Names! We welcome you to join and become a member of the Avalon Hearthood worldwide !! In 1999 Corah founded The Nine Morgens Mystery School which is one of the Daughter Branches of the Traditional Avalon Mystery School ♡ Awakening the Sacred Feminine within All.


She is an Initiate in the Ninefold Traditions and Ways of ancient Avalon, completed her Triple Nine Year Training, 27 in total, as Maiden, Priestess, Storyteller, High Priestess and Morgen .. a life long journey as she keeps deepening, exploring and developping herself.


She is Morgen Keeper Key- and Lineage holder of the Sacred Celtic Mysteries of ancient Avalon, Afallach, Aballo and the Ninefold Sisterhood of the Nine Morgens of Avalon.


She loves to share the ancient wisdom and Ninefold Mysteries of Avalon, the Lady of the Lake and beyond, and take you on enchanting journey’s through Storytelling, Retreats, Walks, Mystery Trainings, Oracling, Numerology, Magical (online) Moments, the Apple Branch, the Avalon Rose Path, Crystal Rose Healing, Avalon Soul Coaching, Ninefold Star Astrology-, Alchemy- and Alignment.


Corah is an Avalon Soul Coach and Oracle Reader, Crystal Skull Keeper, a MerlinA-, Sarah-, Violet Flame and White Light Healer/Reader, Reiki Master, Colour Therapist, Astrologer, Herbalist, Retreat Facilitator and Ninefold Mystery Teacher.


She also offers deep awakening soul searching Celtic Oracle Sessions and Morgen Memberships


Besides that she is a wonderful therapeutic natural herbalist that offers Awakening Healing Tools for your own self healing abilities.


She also offers an Incense Line, sacred Scents in the form of Natural Herbal Incense Sticks, a Line of 33+ sorts and sets such as: Avalon, Goddess, Merlin, Lady of the Lake, Morgaine, Green Man, Priestess, Meditation, Elements, Chakra’s, Grail Line and many more ..


She created deep transforming esotheric Oils, sacred Scents to awaken, transform, re-birth, dream, heal, vision, create, purify and remember. The Avalon Ninefold Soul supporting Oils.


She is the Author of the Ninefold Chronicles of Avalon, a Bookseries of 9 called ‘Nine Morgens of Avalon’.


We may all well know the Fata Morgana and Morgaine Le Fay, the Enchantress and Wise One in the Arthurian Saga. The Celtic Lineage of Morgens, Crone Cailleach and gifted Women is long and goes way back. The Books will take you through the Arthurian Line and Mysteries of ancient Avalon, but also through Breton-, Bourgondisch-, Scottish-, Irish-, Welsh- and Nordic history. We meet the Lady of the Lake, through different realms, the primal Earth Mothers and we even journey into the Earth and back in Time to Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis … historical lines, lineage, history, myth and mystery are coming together in the intruiging Ninefold Chronicles.


The Ninefold Chronicles of Avalon;

Book 1+2+3 are available in Dutch and Englisch, Book 4 will be Launched during Spring 2024, Book 5 at the Goddess Conference!





Ninefold Goddess and her Alchemical Healing Wheel of Remembrance


A journey with the Ninefold Goddess and her deeply soul touching healing aspects.


A peak view in the ancient technics and disciplines of ancient Avalon combined with some inner journey’s, musings and magic!


We will work with the Healing Wheel of Remembrance, ancient Oils and healing Herbs and you will receive a Ninefold Healing/Medicine sheet and a colourful, filled pouch, scented for remembrance.


A workshop connecting the Ninefold Goddess with an enchanting Morgen Maiden Medicine Wheel.


Medicine from the Maiden as she merges with her playfulness and the wisdom of the Crone within.