Corah Aplonia Avalon

Corah Aplonia Avalon


Corah Aplonia Avalon is the founder of the Traditional Avalon Mystery School 1995 which houses several Daughter Branches such as the Ninefold Apple Branch of Avalon and The Nine Morgens Mystery School 1999! Awakening Sacred Feminine within!

Corah is trained through the Traditional Sacred Lineage and Traditions of Ancient Avalon. In 2020 she succesfully finished her Triple Nine Year (27) Training and became Morgen of Avalon, Key- and Lineage holder of the Ninefold Mysteries of Ancient Avalon. She guides the Ninefold Sisterhood of Avalon!

She is the Author of the Ninefold Chronicles of Avalon, a Bookseries of 9, Nine Morgens of Avalon. The Books are available in English and Dutch.



The White Sovereign Goddess in the Ancient Celtic Pantheon of Avalon

Once upon a time there was a long lasting Star Lineage who’s descendants and traditions landed on Planet Earth. This Lineage of Old has many branches rooted deep into the Earth. We will explore these branches and the Celtic Pantheon of ancient Avalon. We will connect, evoke and journey with the Sovereign White Goddess with the help of a pentagonal soul star map and the 5-petalled rose glyph of remembrance.

A Journey seeded on Earth. Do join me in this enchanting journey through the portals of mist, magic and mystery! I call you ancient one, my name is Corah Aplonia Avalon.