Claire Sierra

Claire Sierra


Claire Sierra, MA, LFT, author & founder of The Magdalene Path, is an Expressive Arts Therapist, Spa Priestess, Reiki Master, and visionary artist on the path of the Divine Feminine for 30+ years. The Magdalene Path guides women to awaken the power of Feminine Soul through the lost and hidden mysteries of Mary Magdalene. Claire uses intuitive, creative, spiritual practices to rekindle inner connection to the Goddess through embodied wisdom. She offers retreats, workshops, and private sessions on-line and in-person at her boutique Spa Sanctuary at the Balch Hotel, an elegant, award-winning destination she co-owns with her hotelier husband in the Columbia Gorge in Oregon. Access a free chapter from The Magdalene Path book and other virtual resources to priestess your life through the link below.



Reclaiming your Crone Wisdom through Mary Magdalene.


Description: Explore and reclaim the vitality of the crone. For thousands of years the wise woman was revered in her many guises: healer, priestess, herbalist, midwife. With patriarchal imperialism our authority as women was stripped. Powerful women leaders, like Mary Magdalene were demoted and eliminated from historical record. Images show her as repentant, naked and bereft. What if that story is not true—what would available to us as women today? Discover the missing herstory of Magdalene as Wisdom Guide and her relevance to your modern life. Reclaim the return of the priestess and wise woman, through Magdalene. Instead of rejecting the Crone as the old hag, withered and toothless, many of us are vibrant and purposeful in our wisdom years. Through lecture, discussion, guided meditation, and creative embodiment practices we’ll journey to revision and embrace our crone wisdom. (Bring a journal and simple art supplies if you have them.)